Lightning Round – 2013/05/15

Three critiques of common manosphere themes worth reading:
Against alpha males.
Against ‘Enjoy the Decline’.
Against alpha.
Related: A reply and talk on ethical systems.

Will’s back and returns with prison sex.

Be the strong horse.

Jack Donovan answers a few criticisms on the Way of Men.
Forney (Ferd) has always had entertaining book reviews.


Become better at the things that matter to you.
Related: Be interesting.

Do you believe this is possible? Can you do it?

The Red Pill Princess. Now that’s harsh.

Argumentum ad AMOG.
Related: How to argue with leftists.
Remember: when a leftist wants a conversation, it means them talking and you shutting up.
“But politics isn’t about common sense, logic or reason, it’s about manipulating the perceptions of the ignorant, the apathetic and the inattentive.”

“If all sex is potentially rape, only potential rapists will have sex.”
Related: The wages of feminism.
Related: Men 30-50 less likely to want to marry.

The society-wide shit-test.

Patricia’s smartphone. Rather amusing.

Whore-ible mothers.
Related: Grotesque liberal attitudes towards children.

A little Chesterton on feminism.

Purple wedding dresses for promoting chastity.

Game: The elephant in the room.

Male suicide, where’s the outcry?
Related: Could men be taking their own lives to take back their masculinity?

Science: Men like young women. Surprising.
Science: Chicks dig aloof assholes. Surprising.

Evil men get laid more.

Hamsterlations for both men and women.

The liberal germ theory.

The Dove beauty con.

Feminists hypocritical? Shocking.

The Mosou matriarchy.

On supplements.

The anti-Monsanto diet.

“Only in America can you be labeled a hero for doing the most basic human action, helping someone in need.”

The decline of entrepreneurialism.
Related: Avoid going into business with a partner.

Fun facts about the 1950’s.

Why big corporations welcome big government.

Radish with more great posters.

Gay marriage advocate: Gay marriage is about destroying marriage.

The new European revolt, the young may just move away.
Related: Will leftists turn on each other?

Universal suffrage is a terrible idea. Although, I’ve been edging more and more towards the belief that suffrage is itself is a terrible idea.

Is the Flynn effect incorrect?

A biometric database of all Americans hidden in immigration reform.

The Obama administration spies on AP.

Media and administration: blood brothers.
Related: Remember this when the media tells you what is so.
Related: The politicization of the IRS.
Related: It doesn’t matter.
Related: IRS leaked Tea Party information to the media.

Why conservatives fail.

Not sure what to say about this one. The comments are both amusing and insane.

Don’t see what’s so bad about this. $130/hr is excellent pay, especially for someone disabled.

Eating taco’s is offensive to Mexicans.

Bureaucracy strikes again. Oh well, it’s now striking the SWPL foodie-types; maybe they’ll start paying attention.

The deficit crisis may solve itself if politicians remain gridlocked.

Slut culture killed Rehtaeh Parsons.

Vox on the TED talks.

The Japanese becoming more militaristic?

The Decline and Fall of the British Empire.

(H/T: Instapundit, SDA, TC, Foseti)

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