Lightning Round – 2013/05/08

I’ve got been busy, so today’s Lightning Round is truncated, but fear not, that should only mean that next weeks is longer than usual.

Can man live traditionally?

There will be war.

The fall of the white man.

A long life.

Reflections on daygame.

A parable: the littlest feminist.

Early marriage: the environment matters.

Rebranding submission. Is giving in to rebellion really the best way?

Virginity and sluttery.

A hamster translation for y’all.

Narcissism in action.

Both Roissy and Ace have the same thought.
Related: She’s married? Wow. Also, seems Bill had the same thought.
Related: Rape hysteria and vigilantism.

Speculations on ‘one flesh’ and microbiomes.

5 minutes of alpha.
Related: The power of game.

Using the male pill to win an MRA victory.

Anime and reaction.

Why to start a journal.

The Westermarck effect.

29% of registered voters think armed revolution may be necessary.

A global food shortage?

Canada vulnerable to aboriginal insurrection.

Comment of the year.”

(H/T: Instapundit)


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