Lightning Round – 20130/05/01

Congratulations to nightskyradio and allamagoosa, two commenters from the manosphere who are to be married.
May God bless you both and may your quiver be full.
SSM gets results. Maybe I should get her to try to set me up next.

Love and respect.

Related: Don’t fight it.
Related: There are no rules.

How to fight the Cathedral.

Some men don’t get the message.

Thatch with some advice for Christian men.
Related: Sexual dystopia.
Related: Zhai on how to handle men like Thatch.

Some Christian dating problems/advice.
Related: Don’t trust mainstream dating advice.
Related: Seems JB is also entertained by advice columns.

Traditional marriage versus Christian marriage.
Related: In support of early marriage.
Related: Arranged marriages result in more love than “love” marriages.
Related: Be realistic about marriage.
Related: Hating love.

Responding to Tradcons: Nope.

War only requires one side; don’t collaborate.
When even feminists can see the damage they are wreaking on the culture.
What happens when women want a traditional household, but don’t want to label it traditional.

Shifting the frame: Use the words “natural gender roles.”

Losing your way.

A few new blogs added to the roll:
The Radish: These posters are amazingly awesome.
The Karazamazov Idea, here’s an multi-post epic on women in the military.
Dr. Faust, here’s a recent post on female worship. He seems to be in the angry stage of the red pill.
Unorthodoxy: A neoreactionary aggregator.

Beauty is not skin deep.
Related: Beauty is not subjective.
Related: The face is everything. Agreed.

A women’s world can be a great place to visit.

Some ignorant woman has never heard of the apex fallacy.

Roissy has some good links.

Player burnout.

Anti-racism creates racism. Who could have guessed?

Those abusive homeschoolers.

CPS kidnaps child after mother gets a second opinion.

Gun control by executive order.
Related: The gun control advocates are out for blood. Hehe.
Related: The little bitches cry. Schadenfreude is fun.
Related: Sweet, delicious tears.

Democrats love guns.
Related: Who needs “assault weapons”? Koreans.

A lot of gun freedom arguments from Smallest Minority.

Odd how liberal’s concern for privacy goes out the window as soon as it’s one of their pet projects.

A liberal-asking-stupid-questions two-fer:
Why aren’t there more female sci-fi authors? Because they don’t like science.
Why aren’t more women at Coachella? Because most music made by women is pop/crap.

Believing in evolution.

Incentives help fat people lose weight. Willpower FTW.

Drink alcohol for good health.

Voter fraud is a myth.

Governments create problems, then inadequately “fix” them.

Austerity in Europe never occurred.
Related: Is the Cathedral starting to recognize the dangers of printing money?

The official narrative might not be true? Shocking.
Related: A response from the father.

Women shouldn’t guard men’s prisons.
Related: Female prison guards rape inmates. Where’s the punishment?

The stupidity of the internet sales tax.

Any race but Caucasian. Thanks taxpayer-funded public broadcaster.

(H/T: Phineas, Instapundit, Borepatch, Observer, Althouse, Blazing Cat Fur)

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