Lightning Round – 2013/04/24

Remember the fundamentals.
Related: The basic goal should be the self-improvement of the comprehensive man.

A new blog’s come to my attention: Vigilante R. He seems to be more in the Reactionary camp than the manosphere proper and has embarked on a reading project, which I support. As with many of us, he’s asking what is to be done?

Black Knighting.

The red pill quiz. I scored a 7; I’m a nihilistic, reactionary, Christian, it seems.

The pain of watching the dream die.
Related: Ian with a look at the future.
Related: The end of paternal investment.
Related: For men, it gets better.
Related: Danny pulls out some good comments by deti.
Related: The original thread.

Probably my favourite Mentu piece, reposted.

Judge harshly.
Related: Reasons to marry a non-virgin.

Men are not victims.

Christian’s perverted view of marriage.
Related: “Christians” arguing for the morality of fornication. How the church has fallen.

The “good man store” does not exist.

Feminist realizes the reality of “women’s rights”, but only when it affects her.

The evolution of game.
Related: This made me chuckle.

Have sex.

Edward Thatch hits the end of the hedonic treadmill.
Related: Do not chase happiness.

Seems Matt Forney was Ferd. I didn’t know; it never even occurred to me to try to guess if Ferd had a new site. Not too surprising though.

Civil war among the rabbits.

White men are scary. With interesting comments.
Related: Gun control is male control.
Related: Woman want to disarm America.

Let’s face it, if you found yourself living amongst the sort of moronic liberal pseudo-intellectuals that live in Cambridge, MA, you’d probably be more than a little tempted to turn indiscriminately homicidal too.”
Related: “Empathy without preference is psychopathy.”
Related: A bomb goes off in Boston and shows why America needs men.
Related: Let’s hope the Boston bomber is white.

The difference between love and supplication.

“The era when you could just show up to church for your weekly dose of sacraments and a sermon, then return to your ordinary, humdrum life of basic virtue and decency is over. Cultural Marxism has declared all-out war on basic virtue and decency, and it is winning.”

Neoreaction for dummies.

Praise is not pay. As for why I do it, it’s a combination of #1 & 3. As well, it gives me a place to rant and a place to think out loud: I found I was wasting time commenting elsewhere to no avail; I actually spend less time on the blog, while having more coherent and effective thoughts.

It rapes a village to take a child.

“The psychology of the looter and that of the hard core Leftist, the sort who were eager to dance on Mrs Thatcher’s grave, both share this common point: To them wealth is not created, it simply exists and should therefore be shared out. “

Orwell vs. Huxley.
Related: Chris pulls some good comments.

The myopia of the leftist.

Destroying the moderate middle.

Two perfect pictures of the zeitgeist.

Women converting to radical Islam at an alarming rate. Yet modern churches should water down the message to bring converts.

Rejoice in their tears.
Related: Keeping guns from “crazy” people. Who decides who’s crazy?
Related: Leftists explains the idiocy of gun control to other leftists.
Related: Good for them.

I’m beginning to like this minister.
Related: Should a Christian man be single or get married?

Where’s the feminist self-improvement counterpart?
Related: The uglification of modern women.
Related: Feminist commenters are fun.

Why you never attempt to appease the feminists.

Seems China has similar marriage market problems to us.

Divorce math.

Women with elite educations drop out of the workforce at high rates.
Related: The end of women.
Related: Agree and amplify: in labour market policy.
Related: Bring more women in to STEM by dumbing it down.

The double-standard of sexual harassment.

Why Tolstoy rejected the church.

Jesus loves you; God, probably not so much.

Denmark may reduce their welfare state.

White dudes need not apply. I was going to write on this but EW did first, so I won’t.
Related: University discrimination against males and cover-up.

I revel in showing my son that I could have slaughtered him before birth.
Related: Generation Death.

On Gosnell and the banality of evil.

Remembering through visualization.

Canadian politics are like high school.

Good news on the climate front.

This is what a feminist looks like. I survived 5 minutes, how about you:

(H/T: Althouse, Borepatch, SDA, the Captain, Patriactionary, Frost, Foseti, Instapundit)

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