Lightning Round – 2013/04/17

Why the manosphere exists.
Related: More on why the manosphere exists.
Related: 8 ways the manosphere changed my views.
Related: Hawaiian Libertarian with some blogging advice and some links.
Related: Professional blogging advice.
Related: How rabbits go to war.
Related: When rabbits react.

In line with HL’s post, if anyone new to the sphere has a blog or site they want to promote, e-mail me some links to a couple of your posts. If I like what I see, I’ll put it up in a Lightning Round . If I like what I read enough to want to check it daily, I’ll put it on my ‘roll.

It seems Fearsome Pirate has started blogging regularly again and he’s discovered Moldbug and the manosphere. He was one of my favourite bloggers before I entered the manosphere, but also stopped posting regularly about that time as well. It’s good to to see him back and peeking into our little corner of the internet.

Sunshine Mary has also returned.
Related:How much game should a Christian wife require? None.

Also added some aggregators to the ‘roll that I’ve been meaning to add for a while: Articles for Men, Delusion Damage, and Viva la Manosphere.

Remain positive.
Related: You are not insane.
Related: Don’t get too caught up in other people’s problems.

Human sexual behaviour 101.

Game is essentially developing fearlessness.
Counterpoint: The failings of the PUA.

It’s never the right time.

The unchristian supremacy of romantic love over marriage.
Related: The cowardly pastor.

Make sure you have The Plan.
Related: Vett your potential wife: make sure she’s not batshit crazy.
Related: If a lady cares so much about how you propose that you have to see a proposal expert, don’t marry her. Also, if a man goes to a proposal expert, don’t marry him.

GBFM’s Reading List.
Related: da professional womenz ode.

“Just be yourself” is horrible advice.

Don’t be an emotional tampon.

Control your frame.

Do modern women resent being mothers?
Related: My precious feminism.
Related: What a women means by “I don’t cook”.
Related: Why fat women should be sent to prison.
Science: Angry women are less feminine.
Related: Hamsters in action.

A crack in the narrative: SWUGs.
Related: The narrative is being affected.
Comment of the week: “It takes an expensive education to make living like a wino and prostitute sound like an empowering lifestyle choice.”

The underrated life of the stay-at-home husband.

Don’t go where women are plentiful; go where men are weak.

A series of controversial posts concerning entitlement, shaming, and MGTOW.

It’s not easy being mean. This post saddened me.
Related: Challenge her compliments.

How to get revenge on the left. Have good sex.

Porn kills your dick’s soul.

Looks like I was wrong. Hehe.

Why the 2nd amendment really exists.
Related: Missouri shares entire CCW list with Feds against regulations.

Rad-fem abstinence teachings.

More of the same: another Christian man-up rant.

Could someone possibly demonstrate more clearly they are a natural slave.

Feed your children to the state. Have the state feed your children to Moloch.
Related: The wolves are coming for your children.
Related: All your children are belong to us.

“I assure you, I guarantee you, that future history is going to remember feminists and everyone else who supported the 20th-21st century Holocaust of the Unborn with every bit as much disgust and horror as today’s progressives regard 18th-19th century slavers and 20th century Nazis.”
Related: EW responds.
Related: Kermit Goswell: Best abortionist ever.
Related: Even the Atlantic realizes the horror of this story, as does Slate.
Related: Nothing to see here. The murder apologists argue that there is a difference between a 24-week-old child in the womb and one that has momentarily expelled from the womb.
Related: The courtroom’s media section.
Related: 41 minutes for Basketball scandal, 0 for baby murder scandal.
Related: There is no media cover-up. Who doesn’t read the Grio regularly?
Related: Apostates team up with murder apologists.
Related: Where are the calls for a national conversation on abortion?
Related: “If #Gosnell had been murdering puppies in that fashion, my stop-cruelty-to-animals Facebook friends would all know & be filled with outrage.”

Rome and America: the decline.

What’s one more condom in the landfill?

Communism never died.

The world has changed; prepare your children.

Psychopaths can tell your vulnerability from your gait.

Why default is inevitable.
Related: A rush on gold?
Related: The astounding changes in banking.
Related: The EU is taking Cyprus’ gold.
Related: I made my first silver investments this week. $350 in rounds from these guys. Also, 3 $20 for 20 from the Canadian mint. The silver is overpriced, but it’s a straight trade in fiat currency, so I figured getting a few couldn’t hurt.
Related: 11 economic crashes happening right now.
Related: Australia taxes retirement savings.

it’s better to be tyrannized by the greedy than by the selfless.

I’m becoming increasingly fond of the Orthodox Church.

Why is a conservative group opposing spending cuts?

How the left stays in power.

This is one more reason to hate democracy.

Only immigrants and plutocrats benefit from immigration.

“They [drugs] kill because they break the chains that bind us to this life.”

How traditional medical “science” got it exactly wrong on food allergies.

Avoid clubs.

The attack on critical thinking.

The ideological war in SF/F.

Obama is whipped.
Related: Putin vs. Obama.

Elizabeth Warren, advocate for the $22 minimum wage, pays her workers $0.

Two of the big four TV channels may go off the air. Good riddance.

(H/T: Hawaiian Libertarian, Staged Reality, SDA, Instapundit, The Captain)

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