Lightning Round – 2013/04/10

3MM on Huffpo.
Related: Rollo on the interview.

The path to dark enlightenment.

Vox Day: Christ is Risen.

Advice on choosing a marriage partner.

Your spouse is not your friend.

Modern marriage is rent-seeking hell.
Related: Your life under matriarchy.

Vox on chasing sigmas. Ian on the same. After reading these I think trying to become a sigma would be much more in line with my natural personality than trying for alpha.

66 things on men, women, and game.

A classic from Mentu.

Guns, homes, and spouses.

Life is not a fairy tale. There is no one thing that will save it.

Five minutes of alpha gloriously illustrated.
Related: CH with a few must read links.

What women find attractive, men find sickening.

The collective terms for the socio-sexual hierarchy. Hehe.

Susan Walsh desires for manosphere men to out themselves so they can be crushed.

The dates feminism triumphed.

How real life change happens.
Related: Do 80% of life’s defining moments happen by age 35.

Entry level nootropics.

It is by not thinking that we cease to wonder. It is by an inundation an inculcation of mere words that the blue pill is poured in as an assumption of certainty.”

“If a compliment about your looks makes you question your professionalism and seriousness, then you have neither.”

Is the US economy weaker than the official numbers indicate?
Related: 101 million working age Americans do not have a job.
Related: More work needs to be done. Hehe.
Related: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Administration encourages lending to those with weaker credit.

Does doing the right thing even matter anymore, or does it just make you a doofus?
Related: Here comes the raid on your retirement.
Related: Portugal considering paying public servants in treasury bills instead of cash.
Related: Last week it was 60%, seems it gone up to 80% taken form depositors in Cyprus.
Related: Cyprus president withdrew millions before the deposits were taken.

Time to get out.
Related: Advice to get out now.
Related: You are a terrible investor. Advice on how to save for retirement.

From a Bosnian survivalist.
Related: 25 prepping tips.

Update: Krugman still an idiot.

The collapse in New Zealand.

Bill with links to disquieting news.
Related: The awful truth about SSI redux. The original.

Work under the table.

Remember, never try to please leftists. They will just spit it in your face, unless you grovel and supplicate in just the right way.
Related: Remember, feminists don’t like being called attractive. Make sure to call them ugly so as not to upset them.

How many years until this woman writes an unhappy article about how her boyfriend left her and she can’t find a man?

Sometimes it seems the gender equalists hate the feminine as much as they hate the masculine.
Related: This one’s great just for the feminist ideal list.
Related: Why do feminists denigrate domestic work?

“Talented young women who aspire to be rich and powerful would be advised to major in economics or electrical engineering… [and] work 60 hours a week at the office rather than combining shorter hours with home, family, and other pursuits they find fulfilling.”
Related: Maternal benefits limit women’s career prospects.

“What is the point of supporting a right that you don’t actually get to use on any substantial issues?”

The majority of police officers reject the claims of gun control advocates.

Margaret Thatcher died. RIP.
Related: A libertarian retrospective.
Related: Another view.
Related: Thatcher doing a Yes, Minister sketch.

Are the left beginning to notice the Cathedral?

The almost unbelievable case of censorship in Colorado.

The miseducation of America.
Related: Study finds university colleges are ideologically non-diverse. The study.
Related: Ryerson University student’s union disallows MRA club.
Related: Catholic university disallows Catholic group for being Catholic.

Don’t get a Ph.D.

The Ron Paul curriculum.

1 in 5 boys diagnosed with ADHD.

The reason why women are now allowed into combat is not because feminism has won, but because military contractors need a reason to produce more stuff to sell to the military.”

The Protestant Work Ethic vindicated.

Planned Parenthood argues for the right to post-birth abortion.

The death of freedom in Canada.

Something the current Canadian government gets right.

Silence of the Sheep: Canada and Abortion.

British “conservatives” give in to the Jacobins.

Gay marriage: a non-issue made into an issue for political purposes.

Piracy and the Vatican.

Penis size does matter, a little.

The poor do not lack access to good food.

Journalist may be going to jail for protecting sources. Unimportant because the journalist works for Fox.

(H/T: BoingBoing, Instapundit, Borepatch, Dr. Helen, Vox Day, SDA, Maggie’s Farm, GCBH, GLP)

8 responses to “Lightning Round – 2013/04/10

  • Emma

    You know, I don’t mind people sharing game opinions in the mainstream media while being anonymous, but it doesn’t look good. It just looks sorta “cowardly”, even if there are practical reasons behind it. Plus for many people, being out in the open works just fine. This is not my opinion (that it looks bad). And even when you’re not anonymous, you can end up looking bad, but you still gain something for saying things with confidence. Anything sounds at least somewhat interesting/intriguing when said with confidence. I disagree with Susan Walsh when she says “if you have to be anonymous for your opinions, maybe your opinions are misogynist and should be rethought”. I also disagree with her opinion that most of the manosphere is misogynist (I think it’s mostly not). But I also think she is, perhaps, a good barometer for what the mainstream will find manly/intriguing, and what they will find creepy.

    But anyway, even anonymous effort is good effort. Even if people look into 3MM site just to mock or out of curiosity, he got their attention and can talk to them in a better setting.

  • Bill Powell

    Thanks FN for the linkage. As for Susan wanting us all to come out in the open with our real identities, good luck with that. Much like the Captain, I’m unemployable even though I blog under a pseudonym. Hell he even included me on his list of “unemployable bloggers”. Good thing I don’t need a job in corporate america.

  • smoothreentry

    Great post! Thanks for sharing all the links! Although I just wasted my day reading!

  • Leap of a Beta

    Thanks for the inclusion.

    Emma – I think people that are only dealing with ‘game’ or self improvement blogs have much less to lose with loss of anonymity. It’s people who have ideas that go against the tide of feminism that have much, much more to lose if they’re in any way involved in corporate culture.

  • electricangel

    Great set of links, Poet, and thanks for stopping by Patri!

  • Chris

    Thanks for the linkage.

    Emma — I am also on the list of unemployable bloggers when in real life I’m an academic with tenure. Half the tradosphere and manosphere use their real names.

    The ones that don’t generally live in socailist hellholes. Like Canada, most of the USA, and the EU.

  • dannyfrom504

    Did I get linked? I can’t tell? But I do see I’m getting traffic from here. Hmmmmmm.

  • PC Geek

    The Bosnian survivalist link was quite interesting, but the type of situation that he found himself in is not like the type of situation Americans or Canadians would likely find themselves in if our economic depression deepens.

    Prepping for a situation similar to the inflationary collapse of Argentina would be far more helpful.

    Any prep is probably good prep, but it is best to prep for the type of survival situation that you would most likely face.

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