Lightning Round – 2013/04/03

Why aren’t men responding to economic signals. Vox’s response.

A game lesson from the Bible.

How to help yourself succeed.

The knowledge is spreading.
Related: In Mala Fide’s in Cracked. Seems Ferd’s a “certified asshole.”

The observer has the same quandary I do. Is not pursuing what I desire, really morality or is it just an excuse?

Eye contact tips.

Potemkin women.

The true Proverbs 31 woman.

You deserve the girls you get.

The return of shame.

Winning hand: a good description of “settling”.

The C-Card.

Where to find a foreign wife.

The power of make-up.

“Doesn’t being the victim get tiring? Doesn’t it get infuriating to live with the belief that all the wrong in one’s life is the fault of someone or something else? How can one possibly maintain a healthy mental condition when they pretend to be so powerless in their circumstances?” – Personal Responsibility shaming.

Could it be that women remain single not because there are careers and independence to win, but because she has never been loved by a dominant man?  A love that will make her fall to her feet in adoration and make all these silly worldly pursuits seem meaningless.   On the same token, could it be for all the talk of men not wanting to marry, is it  just that they have never been truly loved by a submissive woman?”

How to make a man fall in love with you.
Related: More advice for the young woman.

The revealed preferences of drunk girls.

Sodomizing Christ.

Sikh man cites religion in anti-gun control lawsuit. I wish him luck.

Sundown in America. Not the kind of thing you’d normally see in the NYT.
Related: Waiting in the cheese.

Become disabled.

Government creates plan to have banks take deposits in Canada.
Related: Cyprus depositors to lose up to 60% of their deposits.
Related: Inflation is the way the US will steal deposits.

The invisible bitch-slap. I’m going to have to remember that term.

A reposted classic from Private Man.

Doesn’t she make herself sound like a catch. I bet you really want to check out her profile.
This one too.

Why Las Vegas bartenders are mostly women. For obvious reasons. When money-making and pretty lies collide, the former wins; we can’t have pretty lies ruin something as important as gambling.

On courtly love.

The many reasons men rape women.

Science: The men who use prostitutes.

Race and feminism.

Thinking on equality.

Science: Fathers and families are important.

Why the right fights the illiberal left.

They are who I thought they would be. Anyway, religious leaders stop the spread of AIDS.

Some math on college opportunity costs.

Boys, grades, and the school system.

Student punished for not reciting pledge of allegiance to Mexico.

Group children by ability in education, not fantasy. Why are liberals always decades behind rightests in acknowledging reality?

The courage of Lawrence Auster.

A novelization of the TV miniseries: the Bible. What fresh insanity is this?

Environmentalists kill a few more.

Slate celebrates Democrats being liars.

SMP rank by video games.

A new ice age?

(H/T: SDA, the Captain, Maggie’s Farm)

6 responses to “Lightning Round – 2013/04/03

  • 3rd Millenium Men

    Thanks for the link to my eye contact post. They certainly gave me a broadside on that one during my HuffPost interview! It is all just straightforward information though, the harder thing for a lot of people seems to be first just grasping you can improve your attractiveness to women and interactions with them. Don’t know why that’s such a shock horror surprise!

  • Sis

    thank you!!!! You still have the most interesting linkage’s on the internet.

  • Bill Powell

    Thank you FN for the linkage. That article got linked by both The Atlantic and Red State. Don’t know if that’s a good thing or not yet.

  • Stingray

    Thanks for the link, Free Northerner.

  • The Observer

    Linkage is much appreciated.

  • Free Northerner

    You’re all welcome.

    @3MM: I know, it’s weird the way some people react to purposely improving your social skills.

    @Bill: do you have the links, I’d be interested.

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