Lightning Round -2013/03/27

Getting to the point of the red pill.

There are 3 logical endpoints to the red pill.
Related: Red Pill bitterness. Vox’s response.

The fundamental premise: “Eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap.”

Amusing ourselves to death.

You people make me sick.

Last Psychiatrist with another thinker: “The feminism debate, labeled equivalently as “gender discrimination” or “women sabotage themselves”, is not about women, it is about LABOR COSTS, making working for something other than money admirable.”
Related: You are emotionally retarded.

Why are men silent?
Related: They are not.

“The hallmark of the inferior, the sure sign of the self-admitted inferior, is the individual who demands others live up to standards that he refuses to accept for himself.”

Dominance and the constant crisis mindset.

Raise your boys with masculine virtue.
Related: What the schoolteacher actually teaches.

“A man’s job is to not engage in silly cat and mouse games with women; especially with those women are who purposely initiating and playing these games. And when that happens, all a man can do — and must do — is to get up and walk away.”

Why you shouldn’t date feminists.
Related: The only relationship game you’ll ever need.
Related: 8 signs you should break up with her. It sounds almost like a Cosmo article title.

Easy day game tip. My friend, who is opposed to game, is always like this. Everything he says is filled with positive superlatives. He has a lot (and I do mean a lot) of female friends. He doesn’t have sex with them though, because he is morally opposed to it. I’m unsure if he could or not if he tried.

Julius Evola and femininity.

The more I read, the more sympathetic I become to Vox’s WRE.
Related: More from CR.
Related: WRE, Tech conference edition.
Related: Why make tech more female-friendly?
Related: A (somewhat) happy ending.
Related: The problem is the cowards who give in.
Related: We need black knights.
Related: Men are beginning to fight back against feminists.
Related: The feminist media warps the story.
Related: What kind of person volunteers as the thought police?
Related: What a developer evangelist is.
Related: Equality means women have a right not to be offended.

Young Hunter on natural slaves.

Oneitis and the Ponzo Effect.

The Captain finds a selfish, entitled little princess. EW’s response.

Men need to be “re-educated” so they can man-up.

Why do we encourage college, but punish marriage?

What’s in a number?

“[Old men dating young women seems wrong] because you’re a miserable cow who just spent a decade or more using sex to emotionally manipulate your partner and now you can’t stand that men have pretty much had enough of your shit and are looking to greener pastures?”

Rationalization hamsters.

“Work for THE Man = Freedom. Work for YOUR Man = Slavery.”
Related: How much it costs for a yuppie woman to “have it all”.
Related: The chore gap is really a care gap.
Related: A lesson for women.

Female age and market value.

The Proverbs 31 idol.
Related: Home-making and entitlement.

Breaking Beta: the boob test.

Comment of the week: “The amusing thing about the ignorant, is they tend to be entirely ignorant of their own ignorance.”

Character trumps diversity.
Related: When effort matters more than results.

What society values.

Study of Men’s Falling Income Cites Single Parents.
Related: Men will choose women over money.
Related: Interesting discussion thread.
From the thread: “if you want be married with 2 kids at 30 you need to have the first kid at age 26 (to space them). If you want to be married at 26 you need to be engaged by 25. If you want to be engaged by 25, you need to find a good boyfriend by 23. If you want to find a good boyfriend by 23, you need to start thinking about marriage at 21.”

The problem is you.
Related: “A victim, a real victim, is a person who has been wronged through no fault of their own.”

Career advice: Be a climber.

So you want to be a professional blogger, part 2. (Part 1).

What if I told you a philosophy book predicted all this?

A micro-lesson in alpha.

Alpha vs. beta on display in sex diary.

Ultra vires and American sovereignty.

No wonder McCarthy drank himself to death.

On propaganda.

Cyprus “saved”.
Related: It’s amazing what you can do to an unarmed populace.
Related: Have the rich Russians withdrawn their cash?

Kudokushi: The reward of progressivism.

Government stats on gun deaths.
Related: Cracked on guns.

Get the fuck off Facebook.
Related. Anybody who reports something like that should be strung up, as should the child welfare agent who investigates.

Race relations in Philly.
Related: The reaction.

Dan Freedman’s babies.

GOP suicide.

Leftists hate it when science has Unapproved Results.

University student suspended for not stepping on Jesus.

Fox News critics wrong.

Good. Let them burn.

The unseriousness of the administration.

The joy of Obamacare.

Mainstream economics, in charts.
Related: Krugman is wrong. Just shocking.

(H/T: Maggie’s Farm, SDA, Foseti, the Captain)

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