Lightning Round – 2013/03/20

What makes a man? Being a victim damn sure doesn’t… A man is Conqueror.”

Maintain your I frame.

The harem, the tribe, and the pride.

Looks like Matt’s first book is about to drop.

3MM just launched it’s new project: Best of the Manosphere.

It seems Roosh is on the path to reforming.

Where the good men are.
Related: Where the good women are.
Related: Where are the women?

Generation alpha widow.
Related: Comment with some good data.
Related: The science of alpha chasing.

Failed female strategy of life-splitting.

Ian with a message for women contemplating divorce.

That men only want sex is a myth.

Overspending women seek retarded millionaires.
Related: Liberated women blindsided by reality. A seemingly never-ending source of amusement.
Related: “Successful, Gorgeous, and Amazing friends.”

The rise of single-motherhood for 20-somethings.
Related: Smart women have babies in their 20’s.

AG with a chart of sexual frequency.

Moldbug with an amazing take on economics.

Being betrayed by your own country.

We’re wiping out the savings class.

Potential bank runs in the future?
Related: It can happen here.
Related: A game-changer.
Related: A future banker-assassination policy?
Related: Your money is not safe.
Related: Left-wing economists think they aren’t stealing enough.
Related: It did not pass.

Is the tide starting to turn on home-making?
Related: One reason women stay home.

How a wife can handle a troublesome mother-in-law.

Science: Shared life history is a strong predictor of relationship satisfaction.

Intellect and dopamine.

Gun horror is not a productive emotion, but learned helplessness disguised as moral superiority.”

“America does not have a gun violence problem. Obamerica does. And Obamerica has a gun violence problem for the same reason that it has a drug problem and a broken family problem. These social ills cannot be solved by banning something.”

Who should have guns? Everyone.
Related: Guns are a natural convergence between libertarians and consevatives.

Because you invaded their country.

Tazing the Statue of Liberty sends the wrong message.

Kindness as weakness.

Schelling Points and the Catholic Church: the last bastion of civilization.

Last week in the land of the free.

Your future under socialism, in the US.

The making of black America.

The change in law enforcement.

Foseti with an oldie, but goodie on government employment.

Patent law may have outlived its usefulness.

How to make a water well.

Indoctrination starts early.

SPLC lies.

The global cooling scare.

A quarter of women lie on social media at least once a month.

Canadian politics: the “Conservatives”.

(H/T: Shining Pearls, the Captain, SDA, Instapundit, Roissy, Vox Day)

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