Lightning Round – 2013/03/13

Be straightforward, be direct, be a man.

A teenager’s guide to the red pill.

“If you’re contemplating change, then you’ve already made your decision.”

What I learned from death.

“The nuts and bolts of being a man is to produce more than you consume.”

Althouse has an insightful comment on the same article I wrote this post about. “The stereotypical traditional male works so that a woman would have him and he could have love. Love was the end, not the means. If, for the woman, love is the means and the end is career advancement… then what? And why?”

The Thomas Carlyle Club tackles masculinity.

Seems SSM went down.
Related: Orthosphere women rank pro-marriage manosphere men on dating appeal.

Many women are simply not worth courting.
Related: Hehe… The solipsism of a female banker.
Related: Danny’s bubble gum analogy.

Fighting your nature.

The importance of marriage.
Related: The marriage strike is real.
Related: Are pre-nups no longer valid?

Alpha male power moves.

The real problem is laziness and entitlement.

Conservative Sociologist should remember that not everyone wants help. There is nothing for her to do.

An excellent introduction to reactionary thought from a non-reactionary.
Related: McCarthy was right.

Men turning their backs on modernity.

It’s about tribe. Also, Adam Corolla has a pirate ship.

CR on racial social interactions.
Related: Liberal terminology translation dictionary.

How to respond to “you don’t know how it feels.”

On offensiveness.

Cooking and game.

Keoni enjoys the Heart Attack Grill.

Banning porn is ugly women’s attempts to control male sexuality.

Matt runs down the basics of starting your own blog. Part 2.

Gun control is male control.

A fairly unbiased piece on why firearms research is unreliable. Part 2.
Related: Why do pro-freedom advocates oppose funding for science research?

Hmmm… It seems the US still has an ammo shortage. Odd, we don’t here in Canada. I went to Cabela’s last week and picked up 2100 rounds of .22LR for the regular price. They had tons. You’d think they’d send some of that south.

80% of NYC high school graduates need to relearn the 3 R’s before entering community college.
Related: The school system is designed to prevent learning.
Related: More on the lobotomy factories.

New teaching methods could be hurting autistics and the socially awkward. The school system is increasingly becoming about creating rabbit people.

Fuck the mancave.

A general rule for social science research.

Study: Feminized boys like smaller breasts; real men like big ones.
Related: Judgy Bitch comments.

Christian television and popularity.

When all is said and done, big business demands cheap labor, and then imports a bunch of illegal immigrants who work illegally for wages that American citizens can’t legally compete with on price.  And then the government makes it exceedingly difficult for Americans to circumvent big business by starting their own business.”

To be perfectly honest, the fundamental problem with free trade is not that the federal government allowed foreign companies to sell their goods in the US, but that the federal government imposed a massive regulatory regime on domestic producers, as well as costly taxes, and generally onerous labor laws.”

Hiring tips.

The stupidity of Ygglesias. Related.

The paradox of libertarianism. A response.

You are miserable because you are free.

Trade-offs and decisions. The corruption of government.
Related: Why leftists cut essential services instead of trimming waste.
Related: 310k federal workers and 40 Obama aides have not paid their taxes.

Remember, voting twice is only a crime if you’re old and have dementia.

Some Canadian politics stuff on our “Conservative” party.

The 3 axis of politics.

YOU are probably a child pornographer. By the standards under which this person was charged, my parents are.
Related: On trial for thought-crime.

“Still, I blame the storm more than I blame the computer models.”

Some science on the first Y chromosome.

Did the Neanderthals die out to the sapiens because of rabbits?

(H/T: GCBH, Smallest Minority, Foseti, Maggie’s Farm, Troglopundit, Middle of the Right, Instapundit)

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