Lightning Round – 2013/02/13

Becoming a better misogynist.

Why male self-improvement and game will always be creepy.

Praise for the average man.

The campaign.

Valentine’s Day advice, both good and bad.


A reasonable solution to the paternity test debate.
Related: Paternity testing ban upheld in France.

M3 on NiceGirls.

Women have no value apart from what you give them.

The female hatred of men doing things that don’t benefit them.

Coochie-couponing (what a great word) is unbiblical.

The conflicting message given unto women.
Related: Young women: Learn from those who tried it before you.
Related: The Captain analyzes the lives of feminists dispensing dating advice.
Related: Ian with advice for women on rolling their own alpha.

Prettier women are less slutty.
Related: The joys of deception.

Throwing feminists under the bus.

Leftoid egoism.

Women, guilt, and pit bulls.

A world filled with empathy is a world filled with lies.

Compliance and IKEA.

Knock ‘em dead kid. Vox responds.
Related: Bill thinks it’s a false flag.
Related: Looks like it’s over.
Related: Even the police state is crumbling in the decline.
Related: Drones being used against an American citizen in the US.
Related: How to kill a UAV.
Related: Of courage and cowardice.
Related: Map of botched paramilitary police raids.
Related: Raid of the Day.

Hate kills.

When rabbits rule.

Science: Men who marry higher income women suffer more ED.

A house is not an investment.

Why is the DHS buying billions of rounds of ammo?

Gun control is a test of your will.
Related: Oak Harbour shows the freedom haters what for.
Related: How gun confiscation will occur.
Related: Why the left fell out of love with guns.

The West’s entire problem can be summed up in two words: chronic kinglessness.
Related: 8 of the top 10 countries for press freedom are monarchies.

Our future.
Related: All is well.
Related: Betraying the young.
Related: Just 6 in 10 millennials have jobs; half are part-time. (IP)
Related: The debt is crushing the US economy? Surprising.

Does Obama fear the Praetorian Guard?

Voter fraud? What voter fraud?

Death panels? What death panels?
Related: Obamacare taxes.

The vulgar atheists.

Fox News is both the most trusted and least trusted news source in the US.

Comment of the week: “It is really, really difficult to offend God and Ozzy at the same time, but they managed it. Wow.”

The days of the year Americans watch porn the least.

(H/T: SDA, Foseti, the Captain, Maggie’s Farm, Instapundit, GLP)

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