Lightning Round – 2013/02/06

Veteran being screwed by government. Donate here.

What are you going to write?
Related: When can we start shooting the bastards.

Just as you are not entitled to sex; you are also not entitled to respect.

Death will come; what will you leave?

“So we’ve wrecked the family wage, destroyed the labor market, created a generation of fat, depressed, unhappy, stressed out children and for what?  So women can utterly fail to compete with men in any meaningful way and then declare men “useless”?”
Related: The triumph of feminism.

A nice destruction of the idea that you can’t improve your attractiveness.

A dark thought.

Roosh on the poor people are happy meme.

Reactionaries and MRA’s. I’m definitely in the reactionary camp.

For women: How to properly reject a man.

The reality and motivations of gun control made plain.
Related: Just another example of self-defence with a gun. (ie. the people gun haters would like to see dead.)

Is cuckoldry less common then thought?

That’s a red flag if I ever saw one. What would possess someone to marry that?

The destruction of the economy in action.

A further point on women in combat.
Related: Marines’ biggest worry over integration: being falsely accused sexual harassment.

Science: Intelligence and extraversion explain 70% of GDP.

Science: Birds, promiscuity, and societal cooperation.

Science: Men, don’t do housework.

Reality strikes one idiot.

The kept conservative.

Really? Barely half of science majors say that astrology is not at all scientific.

The pretense of non-power.

Humour: 6 Ways Your Brain Sabotages your Sex Life

(H/T: The Captain, GLP, Instapundit, SDA, Foseti)

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