Lightning Round – 2013/01/30

Most people can’t handle the truth.
Related: The red pill will not make your life better.

The Age of Leisure is over; winter is coming.

Accept responsibility.

The manosphere is approaching a tipping point.
Related: The Captain is in the Washington Post.

Explaining MGTOW.

Biblical wifely submission laid out.
Related: Cane Caldo kicks the hell out of Christian marital egalitarianism.
Related: More on submission.

Frost: Take the he God hypothesis seriously.
Related: Might makes right.

A classic UMan post on Christian game reposted.

Shun the stale 7 questions; ask “why?” instead. This is excellent advice I’m gonna try to use.

This post and the comments are horribly amusing. Go Vox.
Related: I am enjoying Vox’s rabbit people talks immensely.

Be your own boss.
Related: Why you’re being friend-zoned.

Repost of the essential question.

The insanity of political correctness.

The disgusting self-annihilation of leftist ideology.

Sis hangs it up.

“The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not”. – Anonymous senior military official, according to Jim Garrow. Frightening if true.
Related: More information.

America! Fuck yeah!
Related: I think Bill’s attributing to malice, what can be attributed to stupidity.
Related: The natural slaves act like this is a bad thing.
Related: Boycott Intuit and Groupon.

Wright on women in the military. He’s correct on all points, but I’m not sure I agree with his final position for Vox’s reasoning.
Related: The point is to destroy masculine pride.
Related: The point is to keep the gravy train rolling.
Related: Men shot in back by traditional Christian leader.
Related: EW on women in combat.

21 rules of the rich.
Related: Average gets you nowhere.

Be a pessimist. (I prefer the term realist).

Dissident of the month.
Wow… Beta of the decade is right.

Science: Fat kills marriage. (No kidding?)
Related: Shame obesity.

Advice for young women.
Related: Be honest about your past.
Related: Common-sense is lacking nowadays. An amusing comment.
Related: Being taken for granted can be a good thing.

It’s a disaster that some women would prefer to exercise control over their home than shuffle paper.

Thoughts on consumption.

Youth unemployment in Europe is exploding. Will Europe bleed?
Related: The triple-dip recession.
Related: Why employment is dead in the water.
Related: Half of Americans are overqualified for their job.

Simon Grey settles the who pays debate.

Spiritual harlotry leads to physical harlotry.

Testosterone Week Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.

It’s the patriarchy’s fault.

Fascist libertarianism.

White privilege indoctrination won’t make kids liberal. The opposite I think; as I wrote before, people tend to identify with their in-group, however that in-group is established.

The new power of the clerisy.

Are we capable of love anymore?

Science: Facebook envy.

An interesting review of 50 Shades.

Weird: usually feminists are complaining about how children are delaying their careers.

Rules for surviving the workplace.

The dangers of porn.

Quebec gets it right on cohabitation.

11 Preposterously Manly Fantasy Series. I’ve read 3 of them.

Counterfactuals concerning sex can harm you.

Science: Women marry taller men.

Women ruin everything, including Title IX.

Hurry up and die.

Akin to beating up a disabled child.

Good economic idea from the WSJ.

Just when I though liberal economists couldn’t get any stupider, Yglesias does: “What’s the problem, exactly, that the budget balancing solves once we’ve stipulated that spending has been cut to an appropriate level?”

The Gospel of Slavery: A Primer of Freedom.

The science of high school.

A Russian family cut off from society for 40 years.

Government compensation.

I’m a couple weeks late on this, but if you haven’t seen it watch it. Alex Jones destroys Piers Morgan on gun freedom.

(H/T: Art of Man, Instapundit, GLP)

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