Lightning Round – 2013/01/23

Simon Grey has an excellent post on Christian marriage, wherein he excoriates whiny MRA’s.

“How anyone could think that something God forced upon Adam and his seed as just desserts for sharing that apple with Eve is fun or liberating is just daft.”
Related: EW asks women why any woman would do this to herself and family?

Would you play the ovarian lottery? Nope, so don’t complain so much.
Related: It’s always great to be a man.

Gary North on what it means to be rich. Going in the reading list.
Related: Maverick Traveller’s guide to making money online.

When analyzing yourself simply ask: So, how’s that working out for you?

Why you should start a blog. (So you can link to me, of course).

Danny gives some advice for young men.

Growth vs. comfort.

The Mind of the Manboob. I asked, Heartiste answered (although, probably not to me).

Be forever young: marry young.

Parental divorce is the strongest social indicator of early death.

Hehe… Dalrock with some well-used snark.
Related: The American exodus from marriage.

Modern and post-modern discourse.
Related: Vox on Rabbit people. Kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit.

Control the frame, win the debate.

What is government planning next that causes them to fear armed rebellion?

Why are anti-gun freedom activists so violent?
Related: Anyone who is not responsible enough to own a gun, is not responsible enough to vote and should be disenfranchised.
Related: “If someone is so dangerous that we don’t want them to have a gun, and we know his name, why the f*ck are we letting him roam the streets?”
Related: Guns are for fighting government.
Related: The real reason for gun bans.
Related: Local gun politics.

Executive orders for gun control.
Related: Obama’s executive orders explained.
Related: Bill thinks they’re more sinister.
Related: NRA more popular than Obama.

The liberal media is no longer hiding their hate.

Economic murder.

Credentialism creep.

Auto-pilot game.

Don’t raise a pussy.
Related: A great story of a guy manning-up (in a good way).

All girls like it rough.

Science: Women prefer taken men.

Is it fair? No, but life isn’t fair. Deal with what you have.

The evils of artificial birth control. I used to be very “Protestant” on this issue, but I think I’m becoming more “Catholic” over time.

I was just about to write this same post. I even got the same juicer for Christmas. (I’m still going to write it, but my thunder is gone).

The hidden slavery of the debt system.

The maggots will begin to feast on Bakken.

The end of the American empire is coming.
Related: America is a new totalitarian state.
Related: It will take 7 years for the US to repatriate German gold.
Related: Billionaires dumping American stocks; scary if true.

The definition of fascism.

The prison-industrial complex.

An example of off-the-wall psychoanalysis replacing logical thinking.

Only the rich can afford to work.

As the captain would say: capital flight is a feature, not a bug.

Hehe… This guy is lucky he got out.

A harsh lesson for young women.

The Frankfurt School. Fuckers.

The FBI responds to Freedom of Information Act request with 111 blank pages. Now that’s transparency.

(H/T: Save Capitalism, the Captain, Alpha Game, SDA, Smallest Minority, GCBH, Instapundit)


I also edited the Free Man’s Reading List once again after talking with friends who are into philosophy.

I added:
On War
Fear and Trembling (for some existentialism)
The Aenid

I replaced:
Whose Justice, Which Rationality with The Malaise of Modernity
Mere Christianity with After You Believe.

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