Sexbots – Redux

Today, SSM had a look at the world of sex dolls and felt both ickiness and sadness. I’m going to talk a bit about it and answer some of her questions. I have already written about the rise of sex dolls* and potential implications here, so check that out first.

Would women have any interest in these whatsoever?

I think no.

I agree; women are generally sexually attracted to dominance and indicators thereof, no sex doll can replicate that. On the other curves of 36-24-36 are not overly complicated to replicate; a pretty face is more complicated, but not insurmountable.

Is sexual activity with a sexbot a sin?  Would it be fornication?  Would it be adultery if the participant is married?  Is there anything in the Bible that would justify condemning the invention or use of sexbots?

It would be neither fornication nor adultery, in itself. On the other hand, it might violate commandments against lust. On the third hand (I’m am mutant), is it lust if it’s not towards an actual woman?

It’s a fairly similar question to masturbation, and whatever your opinion on masturbation should be your opinion on sexbots.

Would it be pedophilia if the sexbot is formed as a child?  Think I’m way off on this last one?

It would be. I think she’s dead on here. As I talked of in my previous post on the subject, illegal and physiologically impossible sex acts are going to be one of the primary drivers of sexbots.

I’ll put it simply, there are more clinical pedophiles out there than there are homosexuals. They can’t sex a real 10-year old (at least not without violating both social taboos and the law), but when they can sex something that looks like a 10-year old without actually injuring a 10-year old, why wouldn’t they?

How do you argue morally against sexual gratification without harm without using religious or socially conservative arguments about the spiritual and/or societal importance of proper sexual relations? Note that the argument for proper sexual relations has been lost for decades, so there is no real societal defence against letting pedophiles get theirs rocks off on toys. In fact, it would probably reduce harm by letting them satiate their perverted lusts on inanimate objects rather than children.

Of course, SSM is not as crooked-thinking and enmeshed in the internet culture as I am, and has not mentioned the potential of sexbots which cry, scream, and resist to satiate the rapists and/or sadists which make up an even larger minority of the population than pedophiles or homosexuals. Then of course there’s sexbots for all the other, weirder and less predominant fetishes out there, which I would suggest SSM not google, such as dickgirls, furries, machina, goo-girls, guro, etc. (Oh why did I ever visit 4chan? Funny memes are assuredly not worth the mind pollution.)

Do people see sexbots as being replacements for actual human life partners?

Some do view it as a replacement for actual human life partners.

Or more accurately, they have been so scarred by negative interactions with women and/or have a keen enough awareness of their own low sexual value that they no longer even desire and/or hope for a normal human relationship with a real women. Instead, they make due with the best alternative.

The better term might be substitute good.

Is that the attraction?

The attraction is simple: for the omega male (and even for the beta male) finding a mate in these times is a grinding, brutal, and confusing process of rejection, mind games, loneliness, shattered hope, hopelessness, boredom, inanity, pettiness, and humiliation. At some point he simply decides it’s not worth it.

A sex doll provides a better than masturbation simulator of the real thing.

If it’s just a sexual thing, why attach a body to it in the first place?

Because it’s a sex thing. Masturbation relieves sexual urges but is lacking a certain something. Sex dolls somewhat close the gap between sex and masturbation; they trick your mind and body (somewhat) into believing you’re with a real woman. The more realistic they get, the better the mind is tricked and the narrower the gap between masturbation and sex.

How would this affect the relationship between men and women?

Once they get realistic enough: poorly.

Relational options for low-attractiveness women would evaporate; why sex a fatty when the sex doll looks better?

A significant portion of omega (and beta) men would leave the sexual/relational market; why waste all the time, pain, and effort required to attract an average looking woman after a decade or two of loneliness, when $3000 get’s you a reasonable facsimile of companionship right now?

Average women will be strongly negatively effected. Sexual/relational options and attention provided by betas/omegas will dry up.

Alpha males and greater betas will make out like bandits, as women becoming more desperate as their options dry up.

Hot women will have their marriage options dry up, but will still be able to get sexual and relational attention from higher status males. Competition from more average women though will decrease their ability to make demands and be bitchy, so they will be forced to be more feminine and nice.

Marriage will become almost solely the domain of the religious. Why would any secular man link up with a woman for life and risk his mental health, property, stability, and freedom on a woman, when woman are so driven to desperation and a sexbot can give a reasonable facsimile of real sex?

Those of you who question if omegas and lower betas would do this, simply lack the understanding of just how brutal the sexual market place is for these folks.

Will we still have any interest in one another?

No idea about women, but a lot of men will stop caring about women. Most women are simply, by male standards, shallow and uninteresting on a friendship level; with sexual desire satiated on demand by plentiful sex (from desperate women and sex dolls) many men will simply stop trying to sift through all the vapid, flaky, emotional, attention-whoring women to find the minority of sane, level-headed, and enjoyable ones; there will no longer be enough incentive to.

If men could choose between an average, real woman and a super-hot fake woman, which would most men prefer?

For the average man, all things being equal, the former, but all things are inherently not equal. An average, real women comes with a lot of costs: the joyless, painful grind of pursuit, rejection, and dating to find her, the emotional costs of living with an emotionally volatile creature, the risk of divorce rape, the risk of her changing and becoming frigid over time, the loss of freedom a real relationship implies, the monetary costs of a relationship, etc.

Even so, I think the majority would prefer the former, if they could get it and the costs were reasonable. Unfortunately for a certain, but unspecific, number of men, they can’t get it or the costs would be unreasonable.

If (probably “when” is a more accurate question) sexbots hit the market, will people buy them?

Absolutely. They will sell well.

MEN: would you buy a sexbot?

As things stand now no. But in the future if the following four conditions are met: my Christian morality fades, my desire for a family fades, they were to get sufficiently realistic looking, and I were to find the costs (material and immaterial) of picking up women too high, I probably would.

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to fix marriage?

It would. Let’s see when ending no fault divorce becomes a viable political debate.


I think Cail got to the heart of the issue:

“””If you think having sex with an inanimate object seems like it would be dispiriting — well yeah, but jerking off into a kleenex doesn’t exactly make you feel like a king. Honestly, the prospect of cleaning the thing disturbs me more than the idea of having sex with it.

That will be most men will take on the issue. A reall women is best, but if they’re gonna end up masturbating regularly anyways, why not do it better.

Of course, some disagree:

“””With my “no” vote, the poll is back to even. I’m honestly surprised there are that many who would bed a robot, regardless of religious affiliation. It’s a robot.

From my understanding though, Stratton has had a happy marriage from a fairly young age. I would expect this reaction from most men who have never been involuntarily celibate for an extended period of time.

Who uses the bots will depend highly on their success in sexual/relational market in early life. Those men who are successful early and either marry young or have a lot of sex in high school/college, will probably find the idea repulsive. Those who aren’t successful will find the idea more alluring than their hand.


* Note: When I talk of sex dolls or sexbots in this post, I am referring to all semi-realistic stand-ins for sex, which would include VR sex, realistic sex dolls, future sexbots, etc.

12 responses to “Sexbots – Redux

  • ivanovich76

    psychopaths will continue to increase as a percentage of the population as they breed with ever more women and non-psychopaths choose not to play such a nasty game.

  • Brian

    “I’ll put it simply, there are more clinical pedophiles out there than there are homosexuals”

    Two things. First, where on earth do you derive this from? Is that based on actual data, or a belief of yours? Oh, and you honestly think there are more rapists and sadists out there than homosexuals? Second, how is the relative number of pedophiles even really relevant to the follow-up statements?

  • Brian

    “It would. Let’s see when ending no fault divorce becomes a viable political debate.”

    I think churches actually teaching biblical principles on marriage, instead of the twisted feminist version where wives are only expected to “submit” to their husbands if they feel like it, and he makes them feel loved enough, might be a better short-term goal on that. I have yet to find a church that doesn’t suck up to the women, and treat the men like they are disposable. So why on earth would I want to actually marry one of those women.

  • Tim

    I think that you may have overestimated the effects. Or perhaps I’m underestimating how realistic they could be.

    One segment of the population that you didn’t mention was the guys who don’t mind ugly women. I’d guess that they would lose an awful lot of competition, although maybe they do well now anyway.

    Your last paragraph is probably exceptionally accurate.

  • AAB

    Interesting post. This reminds me of an episode from Futurama where Fry ended up getting a Lucy Liu sexbot (

    >>I agree; women are generally sexually attracted to dominance and indicators thereof, no sex doll can replicate that.<>It would be neither fornication nor adultery, in itself. On the other hand, it might violate commandments against lust.<<

    I recall listening to one of John MacArthurs sermons (Grace to You ministries and he said that intent was important. A person with good intent will try to understand the spirit of the law and then do the right thing, God's will, a person with bad intent will try to find some legal loophole so that they can do 'their' own will rather than God's.

  • Apollo

    It was an interesting discussion. Personally, im still weirded out by the thought of a sex bot, but i can see they have the potential to be very disruptive.

    Theres obviously some things a bot will never be suitable for, such as providing real companionship, a real emotional connection, someone to talk to, being a helpmeet, being a mother to a mans children. When its put like that though, we have to seriously consider how many modern women can actually offer those qualities. If a modern woman can only offer a man sex, i can see why a sex bot would start to become more appealing to men. After all, a sex bot is not going to take your house and kids, it performs at request and you can turn the thing off when youre done with it.

    I actually see the coming of the sex bots as a positive, if for no other reason than it being a motivating factor for better behavior from women and a way to reduce male competition for the available desirable women. Maybe once the bots arrive more women will finally be incentivised to provide more than just sex to men, as a way to differentiate. They may also put more effort into making themselves more attractive (ie not fat) and more sexually available to their men, to provide a better sexual experience than the sexbots.

    I would assume that most men would prefer a relationship with a pleasant feminine woman who makes an effort to keep herself attractive and available than they would with a sexbot. Maybe once the sexbots arrive, some women will finally get the opportunity, once men stop paying them attention, to realise that they actually want to be with a man. Perhaps this will finally incentivise them to make an effort and meet men half way, instead of continually berating them, having ridiculous huge lists of qualifiers before they will consider them as mates and ignoring reality when it comes to mens desires.

    Or perhaps not. Whatever, let the bots come and the chips fall where they may. Its not as if the absense of sex bots is going to save this decaying society, so we may as well let them loose and see if the scales turn a little in our favor.

  • M3

    Women have slowly become the instruments of their own destruction.

    By creating a legion of starved men whilst at the same time letting themselves go in epic proportions.. they’ve created the perfect storm.

    Just like the hockey lockout… i opened the door and stepped outside and felt the sun fall on my face and i realized “There’s life out here, a life beyond hockey!” and i never looked back. Absence enough away from something allows you to learn how to live without it while at the same time, taking the blinders off and seeing what a crappy deal it was trying to attain it in the current market.

    The japanese have long been the taboo breakers.. once they mainstream and perfect 36-24-36 synthetics.. well as you said, if your gonna masturbate, might as well do it right.

    Beats the alternative of trying to pick up overweight, bitchy, snarky, princess, entitiled muffintops convinced of their own awesomeness and worthiness of you spending hours of inane conversation you don’t care for and tons of money on drinks and show for status that mizz modern empowered independent woman shouldn’t be chasing anyways, just so you can put yourself into massive debt financing her princess wedding and buying a fancy home with tons of furnishing and knickknacks to keep up appearences with the jones’s until she tires of you and conveniently leaves you for not spending enough time with her and that you drove her into the arms a Armando because you were too busy working 3 jobs trying to satiate her ever expanding need for shit to impress the neighbors with and…

    yeah you know what. at the end of the day, i know that robot with all it’s fancy programming and mimickery isn’t really interested in me or actually cares about me or my feelings or what I want to do.

    Then again.. neither do most real women.

    At least the robot looks and acts the part. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss!

  • Stephen

    Realistic sexbots could also allow beta and omega men to experience harems for the first time. Also, if a man has an additional property to place the sexbots, he could maintain an old fashion relationship while keeping these on the side.

    Non-religious men go to women for three things: sex, love, and children. These are the powers women hold over men. Modern women tend to abuse sex as a weapon, care nothing about children’s well being when it conflicts with their selfish interests, and offer little love.

    Legal prostitution, VR porn, and sexbots will free men of the monopoly on sex women have. Women will soon get their wish to be treated like other men by men and discover how ugly and unpleasant it is to deal with men who care nothing for you. Statistically, men are better off marrying outside the Anglosphere is they feel the need for love so badly. Even now, with the Toban Morrison Case, a man with some money can be a father if he wants to. If artificial wombs come about then women will be unnecessary for men.

  • Jehu

    If you want to find such a church, you can. But don’t go for the fake–denominational statements and the like will frequently mislead you.
    Instead, just walk in on a Sunday morning. If the male-female ratio is about even, it’s probably Christian rather than Churchian. The dead giveaways are large numbers of married women without their husbands there (the only common legitimate exceptions being women whose men are deployed or deceased). Men go where they’re wanted and stay where they’re properly treated. You’re most likely to find this in churches under 150 or so. It’s very hard for a pastor to ‘rise’ higher than that in the modern hierarchy without being a heretic.

  • Free Northerner

    @ Brian:

    As written in my earlier linked post up to 7% of males are pedophiles, while only about 3% are homosexual.

    About 1/5 are somewhat attracted to children.

    Pedophiles (not child sex offenders) definitely outnumber homosexuals.

    Also as posted in the earlier post about 1/3 of men have rape fantasies. Although, it would have been more accurate to say “men inclined to rape” rather than rapists as rapists only include those who act on their inclinations.

    Mentioning that was a short-hand to demonstrate how much of a pent-up demand there would be for these products and how much market influence they could have.

    @ Tim:

    I don’t think I’m underestimating, but their effects would depend heavily on how realistic they could.

    @AAB: You’re correct, intent is important, and the intent for using sex dolls is probably sinful.

  • dannyfrom504

    women DO have sexbots, they’re called vibrators.

  • Dan

    The number of men and their willingness to use a “sexbot” in lieu of
    a real women will be dependent first and foremost on two factors.
    The first is cost. Can they come up with the $$$. The second is
    realism. The closer to real humans the technology gets the greater
    the number of men who will be willing to acquire one. When technology reaches the point where they act and appear like the character Andrea in the 1966 Star Trek episode “What Are Little Girls Made Of” then the average real life female will have little left in their bag of tricks to compete with.

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