Lightning Round – 2013/01/09

Young men: Read This. Accumulate skills early.
Related: Facilitating is more important than attracting.

A game intro.
Science: Game works.

The Captain lays out clearly and in list form why men hate feminism.
Related: Why do some women hate feminism? Hehe… We’ve already met this contributor before, so we know what to expect.

Young men, remember to thank your elders.

Feral love: the trap of romantic love.

A guide to wife-finding.

Sex isn’t a right; you have to win it.

You are responsible for your own happiness.

The fruits of rebellion.
Related: Answering rebellion.
Related: Everybody’s into (fake) submission now.
Related: Frost has a warning for good women.
Related: Men have been bred out of the marriage market.

Hehe… Ferris Bueller Syndrome.

Rothbard had it figured out decades before the manosphere.

Gun control is a feminist attempt to castrate males.
Related: Police state progressives.
Related: How to answer the anti-freedom nuts? Baaaa.
Related: A good round-up of firearms articles. I just ordered Boston’s Gun Bible; will review when read.

Too bad it’s not legal here in Canada.

A win for the good guys in Canada.

Science: Life isn’t fair.

Science: The necessity of fathers.
Related: Cads outbanging dads?

Black America is our future.

There is no better way to destroy white males than to turn them into victims.

Ferd of In Mala Fide has finished a book. I have ordered, will review when read.
The Captain has also finished another book. Will also review when read.

SSM tries to think like a man and is horrified. To answer her questions: yes, we do sexually rank, in some way, every women we meet. Most women over a certain age and fat/ugly women are automatically and instantly subconsciously ranked in the “No” category (some go in the actively repulsive category, which may get some second looks of morbid curiousity, sort of like slowing down at a car crash).  All other women are “checked out” insofar as socially acceptable and graded in comparison to others available. It takes an active will to resist “further checking out” (ie. staring at) the most beautiful women in the room.

Arguments for and against state marriages. My view: I’d get a non-state marriage if my jurisdiction allowed it and the state should get out of marriage entirely.

The propaganda nation.

I did not work as much this break as I planned to, so this I find this relevant.

Grooming is something I need to work on.

Science: Gift game.

Don’t be a feelings slut.

Some conversation tips.
Related: Non-verbal openers.

The feminization of rhetoric.

The Social Pathologist concludes there are Peter Pan manboys. He’s probably right (at least partially), but the question is not if there are, the question is what incentive does a guy have to not be a Peter Pan manboy? The conservatives and women can hector all they want, but why should any man care if the incentives for being responsible suck?

The manosphere is in the MSM, twice. (Sure it’s Australia, but still…)

Putting this aside for the future.

Lowering the boom.

Do not donate sperm.

Fat people know fat acceptance is a lie.

Mary the anti-feminist ideal.

How many women and children does a man want? As many as he can have.

The decline of the West in infographics.

The electronic leash.

What does it feel like to be a hot girl who gets old?

For a while I was getting a small amount of google search traffic for Free Northerner scumbag. Maybe it has something to do with this.

Why to avoid the MRA.

Woman prefer 1950’s men.
Related: Be a misogynist.

A history lesson on chivalry.

Death panels? What death panels?

The evolution of the cartooning industry.

Why American government support of culture will fail.

“Our economy should not be based on consumer spending in the first place.” Exactly.

The fallacies of Keynesians.

Why a lot of economics is garbage. Kind of ironic coming Yglesias.
Related: Hehe… Krugman is a hack.
Related: So’s Tom Friedman.

Government failure in car safety regulation. Just in case you forgot how incompetent it is.

Fuck Monsanto. I generally support GMO’s, but this is not acceptable.

Haha… Newspaper which persecuted gun owners, hires armed gun men for protection. Remember, gun control has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with control.
Related: The law of unintended consequences.
Related: Where are the Journal News Employees in your neighbourhood?

(H/T: the Captain, Frost, BoingBoing, GCBH, Mangan’s, SDA, Save Capitalism)

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