Lightning Round – 2012/12/12

12/12/12 – Cool.

Comment of the week by Badger.

Private man gives some advice for new bloggers.

Build the foundations of your life project.
Related: Change your environment.

M3 chooses his path.

The lifecycle of game.
Related: The limits of western game.

Badger: Basic game skills.

The attractiveness of Batman and Superman.

A new strain of shaming language identified.

Tim’s thoughts on marriage.

Why men hate hypergamy.

I might feel sorry for these females if I didn’t feel such Schadenfreude.
Related: Your dealbreakers may be eliminating your dating pool.
Related: Which trade is superior?

Men don’t have commitment problems.
Related: The market-price mechanism of dating.
Related: Irresponsible men are the primary beneficiaries of feminism.
Related: Remember, women want the privileges of the old order but not the responsibilities. Work for your masters, slave.
Related: If you don’t get sex, why get married?

Men are deputy fathers serving at the pleasure of the mother.

Unpredictability is necessary for a marriage.

Childhood today lasts too long.

The hatefulness of a feminist extends even unto her own son.
Related: Something from the Atlantic that’s not entirely wretched. Sweden is going to have a lot of screwed up kids. Expect a lot of school shootings and/or suicides about a decade and a half down the road.

I occasionally feel the same way.
Related: The pot gender gap.

The real “War on Women”.

Vox asks why some people hate women.

My guess: most female rape fantasies are not the same as male rape fantasies. Their fantasies are not about rape per se, but are more about a very dominant man having a very strong passion overcoming his self-control. Read: Atwood’s Rape Fantasies. Although, there are probably a few outliers who have real rape fantasies.

Woman claims rape because sex was bad. I wonder why it would be bad?

Red pill test.

Even those outside the church can see its crookedness.
Related: SSM looks but cannot find.

Feminist gets scienced on evo psych.

Are feminism and MRM biologically sane? Probably not.

Science: Marriages where women are thinner are happier.

Feminism is its own worst enemy.

It’s enjoying seeing liberals discover what everybody already knew.

How to act at a funeral.

The importance of the division of labour.
Why the left hates the division of labour.

The economic stupidity of the left brings some amusement.
Related: The intellectual bankruptcy of Keynesians.

What government dependency looks like.

Death spiral states.

Vox on intellectual discourse. And again.

Calling women pet names.

What hair length can tell us.

Where homosexuality and masturbation do not exist.

Dearest Citizen of the World
Related: The death of privacy.

The police state in action.

Conservatism defined.

Leftists are all liars.
Related: The racial hypocrisy of the liberal.
Related: Very shocking.

56% of Mexican immigrants on welfare. Open borders FTW!

Feminism in Israel.
Related: Press freedom in Scandinavia.

On “sexism” and historical fiction.

Modern dietary science: salt.
Related: A possible connection between eating wheat and schizophrenia.

(H/T: Mangan, GLP, SDA, IP, John Wright)

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