Lightning Round – 2012/12/05

It’s hard to enjoy the decline.

M3 is in Limbo. This and the InCel post really speak to me.

Why hypergamy angers us.

The economic challenge to a young patriarch.

Had a date recently: this is something I really need to work on.

D&P argues for working hard in your 20’s.
Counterpoint by Bill, an older guy with perspective.

Bold & Determined is noticed by Jezebel. (Google cached).
Related: You too can attract a woman like Lindy West. Lucky you.

Advice for online dating.

Science: Women don’t like nice guys for either sex or relationships.
More Science: The dark triad gets girls.
More Science: Which openers work.
More Science: Sex and disgust.

More Science: Walk or life, don’t run.
Related: Marathons and SWPL’s.

Why white knights are worse than feminists.
Feminism only wins because we acquiesce.

Men and women have different definitions of “a normal guy.”

Talk about self-hatred.

The decline of a culture.
Being part Norwegian, this makes me sad.

Corporate work is designed for women.
Related: Feminism, environmentalism, and consumerism.

The death of the American Dream in Bakken.

An old man thanks youth for their sacrifices for him.

You can’t have American taxes and a European welfare state.

Against the mancave.

A social exercise for men.

Interesting post by Roosh. It seems like he’s slowly burning out.

What lucky husbands to have brides like these.
More lucky husbands.
She’ll make a wonderful bride.

How to pick a wife.
Related: 4 Benefits of Marrying Young
Related: How to meet shy girls.

Women have a monopoly on judgment.

Yay for the family courts in Canada.

Protect yourself from abuse: be a stay at home mother.
Related: Economic abuse? Really?

Remember, if something makes both sexes happy, feminists must oppose it.

The effect of feminism on blacks.

Porn is a substitute good. The economics of porn.
Related: Porn stars indicate feminism won.

A female is sick of the carousal and now, having hit the wall, wants betas to pay for her and pay attention to her in her 30s. Also, she spends the first half of the article attacking Venker’s, but Venker was exactly right about her by her own admission. The “logic” of a feminist.

But n-count doesn’t matter.

You can’t have it all.

Death panels? What death panels?

The sad state of modern atheism. Nietzsche would roll in his grave.

Why does God not give definitive proof of his existence?
Evidence for God. Read the comments.

How to start a single mom’s ministry.

The Pope and Roissy

If you’re asking, you don’t have it.

Colleges lack free speech.

Is the education bubble about to pop?

Your moral and intellectual superiors.

Good on him. If a social sciences study violates common sense, be skeptical.

Paying for college with prostitution.

Never understood why public whippings are cruel, yet solitary confinement is not.

Continuing our crusade against Krugman: he remains an intellectually bankrupt hack.
Yes he does. He’s a clown.

Speaking of intellectual clowns: Why not just make the headline, “I’m a dumbass who doesn’t understand statistics.” It’d be much more to the point.

Just in: Tax rates have consequences. Surprising.

Work is punished.

Nothing to see here: the system is working.

A letter from a religious business being forced to provide abortificants.

A free market fix to copyright law.

Advice on eating out.

A simple message: don’t be fat.

Best thing I’ve seen on the Petraeus affair.

Female tries to define masculinity for man. Fails.

This might not be so bad; it might leave the door open to suing the psychological profession out of existence.

5 Reason Modern Life is Driving Masculinity to Extinction.
Cracked; Big brother cometh.

From Danger and Play:

Via Stares at the World:

(H/T: RoK, SDA, GLP, Clarissa, Instapundit)

7 responses to “Lightning Round – 2012/12/05

  • Daily Linkage – December 5, 2012 | The Second Estate

    […] Lightning Round – 2012/12/05 « Free Northerner […]

  • Bill Powell

    Thank you sir for the linkage. D&P and I have the utmost respect for each other and I think my post made him think a little bit, he even tweeted it.

  • sunshinemary

    Thank you for the linkage!

  • 3rd Millenium Men

    Thanks for the link and glad you found the post useful!!

  • M3

    Thanks for the links. Sadly i think i’ve hit the point of burnout. I increasingly find myself more and more in a world i was never meant to inhabit. Writing those 2 posts have left me contemplating getting therapy or at least some pills to pop. Not sure what my future holds anymore but it’s getting a little darker everyday.. and it’s not just the onset of winter im speaking of here.

    Perhaps the only thing that’ll save me is buying Rosetta Stone – Polish edition and kissing North America goodbye and leave it to die. Better it than me.

  • Free Northerner

    Just work on improving yourself. Work on accomplishing something.

    I sympathize with what you’ve written. I’ve gone through some very similar dark periods in university and since.

    I found if you just struggle through, hold on, and do something, it gets better. Find some hobbies, get some new friends. I’ve found if you’re busy, you don’t really notice the loneliness.

    Go to church a few times. It’s no guaranteed cure-all; I’ve been struggling with my religious beliefs lately and have felt the darkness almost overwhelm me even with then; but you might some peace or rest in church and Christ.

    If going to Poland will help, do it.

    Good luck to you.

  • Badger

    Hey thanks for the link. That was a fun series to write. Tons of great stuff in this particular LR post.

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