Lightning Round – 2012/11/28

Why the MAndrosphere?
Long live the manosphere.
Related: The manosphere is the counter-revolution.
Related: They are killing our sons.

An oldie I just discovered from Moldbug: A Letter to Ron Paul Supporters.
He mentions Yes, Minister. If there is one TV show I will recommend watching it is this one. It perfectly encapsulates how the government works more than anything other thing I have seen or read (and is humourous to boot). Watch it, it will be enlightening.

If I had to do it over again, I would either get a trade or become an engineer.

The importance of the beta male.

Divorce and 50/50 custody are means of enslavement.

“A woman’s courtship value is equal or less than the lowest price she ever gave her pussy away for. lzozozoz”

Concern-trolling men so women can vent their frustrations.

A good discussion on hypergamy.
New manosphere term: Koreogamy replaces femogamy.

Do not be ashamed of being “shallow“.

Game is a lifestyle, not a hobby.
Related: Train like an athlete.

Is Roosh tiring of the game? Possibly.

Shoot your television. Agreed: not having cable was an excellent decision.
Related: Turn off your TV for a week.

Mark Driscoll makes the case for MGTOW.
Related: SSM takes it to Christian feminists.

Wintery Knight has a must-read for women. How to avoid divorce.

Get what you want: take it.

Making a list of great books for men. (lozololzz)

Sexual sin and sexual frustration.

A new manosphere term: lapdogging.

Women want marriage; men don’t.

What attracts a woman.

A fun story of the female hamster in action.

Be the right kind of asshole.

We should take feminists at their word.

Harming your kids for attention and profit.

Win politically by reframing and mockery.
Vox offers his opinion on reframing.

Defund the left.

Ignorance of 1600 new regulations a month is no excuse.

A plan for traditionalists.

Civil society is built one action at a time.

Krugman remains a duplicitous hack.

Statist thugs will always exist as willing tools of oppression.

Why temper tantrums are in the DSM: the system wins.

The UK is getting more Orwellian by the day. Related.

Work 24 years to be supported the other 50+. That’s sustainable.

In Canadian courts, a father is viewed as little more than a wallet.

It’s sad when the communist Chinese government displays more respect for property rights than North American ones.

Who wouldn’t want to move to a country collapsing even faster than the US?
Related: How France built social exclusion into its cities.

Slate, hotbed for advocating the politics of bread and circuses, decries the politics of bread and circuses. Does not seem to notice the disconnect.

Gawker values: an adult disrespecting the graves of dead soldiers should be protected; teenagers making stupid Facebook comments should have their lives ruined.

Good news: the decline of newspapers continues.

Apes have midlife crises. Who knew?

(H/T: GCBH, SDA, Instapundit, GLP)


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