Lightning Round – 2012/11/21

Post of the week: M3 on his years as an InCel. Sure to become a classic.

Jack Donovan on why he does not respond to left-wing magazines.
Related: Hugo Schwyzer is a boot-licking little bitch.

Farewell to Will S. We’ll miss him, he’s my most prolific commenter.
Aurini in the Washington Post about his new book. Congrats to him.

American slaves.
Related: Modern serfdom.

The distinction between happiness and meaningfulness.

The origin of the mid-life crisis.

Vox Day begins a series tearing into Krugman. This will be good.
Related: “Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.”
Related: Why urban areas are anti-free market.
Related: Bernanke is also an idiot.
Related: Some good economic news.

Money is less important toe Western woman as they are isolated from reality.

Dildos, Taker and Makers: Parts 1, 2, & 3.

Detis advice for men and for women.

SSM takes a dip into Christian feminism.
Related: Questions for the Christian woman.

Strip-mining men.
Related: Be wary of what you’re communicating.

A new word coined: Femogamy.

The path to mastery.

On tribalism.


Hehe… The female version of the Real Doll.

Young boy sexually assaulted in front of millions. Treated as a joke.
Related: The double standard of 50 Shades of Grey.

Tales of betas being taken advantage of. Bitterly entertaining.

Putting women to the back of the queue will not be helpful.

Ron Paul’s final speech to Congress. God bless him.
Related: Ron Paul on secession.

Confessions of a racist.

Hipsters on food stamps are a symptom not a cause. (Part 1).

Ayn Rand in 600 words.

Why homeschooling is superior.
Related: Why charter schools are superior.

You ate our children.

When do you take a stand?

A discussion on smart girls.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The demographics of adultery.

Have we been in intellectual decline for millenia?

Unions destroy Hostess and act stupid.
Related: The irrelevance of modern private sector unions displayed.

Could you live on social security?

An author rants on offending people. A very good rant.

What Catholics stand for politically.

The economics of Spotify.

Hehe… Man sues women over ugly baby.

Where was this Romney during the campaign?

(H/T: SDA, the Captain, Save Capitalism, Maggie’s Farm, Instapundit, GLP, Althouse, Neanderpundit)

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