Lightning Round – 2012/11/14

Just reeached 50k views today. Huzzah.

Also, this post will mostly avoid post-election analysis; I have a list here.

This has been a harsh week for the manosphere: Mojo is shutting down.
FFY closed.
Complementarian Loners is finishing.
CDM-N is turning off the lights.
Cygne Gris unexpectedly went private with no word of if its returning.
Hidden Leaves is tempting fate.

Comment of the week.

Best sentence I’ve read in a while: “is is is and not is is not is and not is is not is and the only government that works is one which accepts this is as true.”

Quote of the week: “Wal-Mart has done more for poor people than any ten liberals, at least nine of whom are almost guaranteed to hate Wal-Mart.”

We are forgetting.

Why you should tell ugly truths.

Keep your frame.
Related: Alpha science.

No rings for liberals.
Related: Avoid a poor wife.

SSM on sex in marriage; she’s not a poor wife. Also a great collection of links on sex for the traditionalist.

Do not get married.
Why not to get married, from history.

Men don’t mother.

Alte has a point, some in our parts put too much stock in IQ ; culture does matter.

SSM has a point, hypergamy is, but it is not something to be angered over.

A discussion on sluts.

Intersexual communication. (Sounds dirtier than it is).

It’s not men’s job to clean up women’s dating mistakes.

Modern slavery.
Related: Every man is born a slave, but can choose freedom.

Freedom comes when you have nothing left to lose.

The patriarchy is not returning.

Why demographics matter for the young man.
Why the concept of value matters for a man.

The “bright” side of illegal immigration.

I’ll continue disliking hipsters on food stamps anyway.

Seems some others are jumping on Danger & Play’s juicing bandwagon. May have to check it out some time.

There’s finally an introduction to the new anthropology. Still not sure I buy it, but it’s interesting stuff.
Related: Cracked on anthropology. Some of it seems to line up.
Science: Weapons made us human.

Roosh with links to free college courses.

Science: Sauroniops. Cool.

The social justice jugend.

The NYT argues against suffrage.

Stay classy Jezebel.

Hahaha… Slut lies to husband for 40 years. Somehow, the husband is in the wrong.
Heartiste responds.

Entrepreneurs will always outsmart bureaucrats if there is enough profit involved.

American elections are fair. Voter fraud doesn’t exist.
Even liberals seem to be finding it rather strange.
Related: Rollo & Dalrock on Petraeus.

Ron Paul knows the end is nigh.
Related: I think secession is an idea whose time has come.

Dishonesty is inherent to electoral politics.
Related: People vote stupidly because their is no self-correction.

Government is a pimp.

Homosexuals celebrate having their personal relationships controlled by the government. Personally, I’d like my personal relationships free from government control, but in my jurisdiction the state intervenes in any relationship where I live with a woman for a certain period. Guess homosexuals just like being controlled by the government.

The fact that people might enter politics because they have convictions and wish to do good for their country and people is something that completely eludes this liberal (and most of her commenters). To the liberal, power, status, and free shit are everything.

Embracing digital socialism to save atomic capitalism.

Hehe… Still community policing is a good idea.

Kalmar: an idea whose time has come.

A chart of beauty; it brings joy:

(H/T: SDA, CC, Vox, Instapundit)

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