CDM-N Goes Private

It seems Christian Men’s Defence Network has come to the attention of the Gawker Network. It’s been posted both at Gawker and at Jezebel.

The blog has since been set to private, but somebody put the post up on pastebin before he did. I try to avoid linking directly to the Gawker network; the google link is here. (Google cache has not got the posts yet).

As is typical with the Gawker Network they have entirely forgone anything resembling rational argument, logic, facts, or reason and have not even graced us with a rant or tirade. Instead, they resort to their typical brand of tired, mindless snark.

It’s not often blogs in the manosphere come to the attention of larger publications, we’re usually shunned or ignored, so, I find it interesting that the target of their ire was a newer and rather small blog like CDM-N rather than a larger or more established blog. Roissy wrote something similar, as did Rollo, Ian, and the Captain. All four a much larger than CDM-N was and are more established  (although, Ian and Rollo are only about a year old as opposed to CDM-N’s half-year).

How did they find a place like CDM-N, rather than the bigger blogs?

Anyway, I think CDM-N overreacted. He had a chance to bring people to the manosphere, maybe write a response for possible sympathetic individuals from GM, but I’m not going to judge.

What we can tell from this episode though, is that despite the slut-walks and feminist propaganda on promiscuity, the term slut, even when used by a complete stranger on the internet with a very limited audience, still enrages feminists. However much their apparent bravado, deep down they still know it’s shameful to be loose and that they are hurting themselves by doing so.


Also, I’m updating yesterday’s post with a few more post-election links.

14 responses to “CDM-N Goes Private

  • sunshinemary

    Wow, this shocks me. Darn it, bskillet had just started posting again, too. I hope he comes back when it all simmers down.

  • Will S.

    I noticed today that it had gone private, and I amended my CMD-N links from yesterday’s FKB, replacing them with the Google cached versions, so they can be enjoyed at least a little while longer.

    I saved caches of most of Ashur’s stuff when UMan went down (figured someone else would do Mentu’s); maybe I should see what I can do with CMD-N.

  • Ashley Pariseau

    The term slut doesn’t really bother me. I know it’s just a term used to keep women down. One used to condemn for their personal choices. I think it’s hilarious that people are butthurt by women voting against Romney. They are pissed about the slut vote winning. I am laughing my ass of, really. Call me a slut. Hell, I’ll call myself one. I’m happy and healthy. I can’t say the same for the radical Christians with sticks in their uptight asses who live to keep us slutty mcslut faces down in the dirt with their own self loathing.

  • endwatcher

    Not every choice is valid, if they were, there would be no consequences for bad choices. Clearly there are. I do not condemn choices for fun, in fact it usually gets ugly and stressful. I condemn it because I believe the Word’s stance on the issue and to be silent allows it to continue on unchecked without challenge. I get that your kind have no regard for that, and this falls on deaf ears. The herd of goats just want an echo chamber to bleat in.

    Romney was not the Christian choice, so I do not care if the “sluts” delivered for Obama or not. I do clearly believe they are part of the pathology that this nation suffers from. Bskillet may have had a bad theory, but he certainly targeted a very guilty crowd who are responsible for much misery.

    I am not sure what Christians are keeping the average amateur whore down, you are in the driver seat of society at this time. You have no regard for what is truly right, only what you consider is right in your own delusions and misguided justifications. You won’t be in control for long. Even in the short term, things are a changin. Those you mock won’t stand for you when barbarism takes to the streets because of your bad choices. You can and will mock us, but in the end God won’t be mocked and you will stand alone. No brave front will prevail in near future, or in the judgement to come after.

  • FL

    @Ashley: There is not roving packs of frothing “radical Christians” patrolling the slut walks looking to keep you down. Look behind you, above you – there is nobody there. Regulating abortion doesn’t stop you from making decisions – just letting you know you have to live with those you do make.

    Ironically – or not so – is that Mr. Obama will regulate your life in a million ways. Sure, he may send you some “free” birth control pills (because, apparently you don’t control when you give birth. He will limit personal freedoms in more ways that you will ever realize (the government ALREADY does). You only seem to notice when it directly involves your uterus – you do realize you are more than that…………….right?

    No matter, you are so focused on the “haters,” it will be too late once you realize Obama took you for one hell of ride, promising you the world, but leaving you with only the bill for it all.

  • songtwoeleven

    Ashley: have you viewed the movie based upon the book, “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe?” My children all have, and they are familiar with the allegory.

    You should watch. You should particularly pay attention to the part where Edwin, the rebellious and dissatisfied younger brother, is lured into prison by The White Witch who promises him the very desires of his heart (Turkish Delight). When he runs to her instead of his family and God, he finds himself in a frigid ice palace with Her Wickedness, chained about the ankles, eating frozen food without a microwave.

    Your Turkish Delight will become your prison, my dear. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

  • Ashley Pariseau

    I’m sorry you feel the need to judge, condemn, and warn people about what consequences their choices will face. My choices are my own and I am the only one that should be concerned about them. I don’t need your unsolicited advice from way above on your high horse, about how my choices will become “my prison.” This is why I am not a devout Christian. Most of the ones I encounter can’t just live their own lives without judging others. It must be exhausting to worry about what everyone else is doing with their own lives. What an awful existence.

  • songtwoeleven

    Ashley, this is the last time I will speak with you about this matter, for your heart is very apparently hardened to the truth. I will say, we really shouldn’t expect you to behave any differently than you are, since you admit you are not a Christian.

    Part of being a Christian is being part of God’s family. In your biological or family of origin, when one person makes a choice (good or bad), it affects every other person in the family. So, the head of that family (operating under God’s authority as the husband and father) is obligated and COMMANDED by God to confront the person who made the choice (if poor) in love and authority and tell them the truth, and allow them to suffer the consequences of the choice.

    If the choice is so poor that it has already affected the other members of the family, the father may have no choice but to not allow that person to be a part of the family (by shunning, or grounding, or sending to a room, or putting out of the physical residence) until they repent (turn away from) their poor choice.

    This is why people are speaking to you with hard truths. I speak the truth, and I won’t ever back down, Ashley. Your choices WILL become your prison if you don’t repent. I pray for your soul, and I pray for your salvation through Jesus Christ.

    You think what Christianity offers is “prison” – when really, it’s freedom. You think what your “freedom” offers is superior, when in fact, it will become (and already is to a degree) your prison.

  • Will S.

    “This is why I am not a devout Christian. Most of the ones I encounter can’t just live their own lives without judging others. It must be exhausting to worry about what everyone else is doing with their own lives. What an awful existence.”

    And you’re not judging devout Christians?

    Pot, meet kettle.

  • sunshinemary

    Ashley, the problem that most of us have is that we have to clean up the slut’s mess for her. Heck, it doesn’t bother me if you want to slut around so long as you pay for your own sluttery. The problem is this: our current president’s healthcare law forces the rest of us to pay for the sluts. Why on earth should I pay for someone else’s birth control pills?

    You can’t have it both ways – either your body is your own and no else has the right to tell you what to do with it, or else your body isn’t your own because you need us to help you maintain it in the slutty style to which it has become accustomed. In other words, it’s either “Keep your laws off my body” or it’s “Gimme free stuff for my body!” It can’t be both.

  • Ashley Pariseau

    Please don’t pretend to know me, my life, or what I think. I don’t pretend to know you, so please give me the same courtesy. I am happy with the choices I make for the past 28 years of my life and that’s what matters to me. If it makes you feel better to believe I am imprisoned by “making bad choices” then go ahead, but I’m sure someone somewhere thinks the exact same of you.

  • songtwoeleven

    When you tell everyone on the internet that you are a slut, you have already disclosed who you are.

    Someone who is truly happy and satisfied with one’s choices doesn’t endlessly attempt to convince others.

    Someone who is truly free doesn’t need to announce it; it is obvious, and others want what they have.

  • Stephen

    Great comment songtwoeleven! My thoughts exactly!

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