Lightning Round – 2012/11/07

The election is currently resolving itself. At this point it looks like America has chosen a rapid decline over a slower decline.
Related Humour: 8 election myths you probably believe.

Baumeister (of Willpower fame) released an academic paper on sexual economics in response to this book. Read it.
Mangan responds.
Roissy responds.
The Captain responds.

If women do not want a hook-up culture, they could just, you know, not participate in hook-ups.
Vox criticizes the historical ignorance of writer.

The importance of relationship game.
Related: An old post on relationship game.
Realted: A discussion on love and alpha.

How to be a Husband. How to be a Wife.

Slate almost comes close to having a decent idea on how to fix marriage. They than have a whole bunch of other ideas that are mostly stupid.

Women are not taught the reality of the dating market and marriage.
Related: Marriage works.

Being a virgin longer predicts your future life success.

Kill the inner beta before he kills you.

Young Men thinking about their career: Read this and part 2 and part 3.

Eye contact is something I’ve been trying to work on.

A great piece of satire. Hilarious.

I am a huge fan of Kipling, so I really liked this: the Gods of the Copybook Heading Illustrated.

Sadly, I’m not hustling as hard as I should be.

Not everybody is capable of freedom.

Roissy on why women vote Democrat.

An inspiring story of masculinity.

You are soft.

The Atlantic shockingly discovers that men exist and have troubles too.
They also discover there are few good male role models on TV.

Male and female professors teach differently. Of course, men teach like professors did back before post-secondary education became worthless.
Related: Studies on the liberal bias in academia.
Related: Education and demographic suicide.
Related: Parents on hook for children’s’ student loans.

You can not call a market where the government controls between a third and half of GDP a free market.
Related: Economics for immigrants.
Related: Buying votes.
Related: Hehe. Which of Herod’s programs would Jesus support?

Why urbanism is doomed to failure.

Never talk to the cops.

Vox points out that “charities” rarely care about helping people. This, combined with the statism of most major charities is why I stopped donating to non-Christian charities a couple years ago.

The plight of Christians in Syria.

I rarely agree with Clarissa (although, she is one of the more sane and consistent feminists out there), but I do share her hatred of communism and her opinion of the fools who continue to hope it can somehow work.

Always remember, when a feminist talks of her abortion rights, she is usually talking about how you should be forced to pay for it.

Some evolutionary science.

A paper on domestic violence.
Related: Who perpetrates teen dating violence? Mostly women.

The gender pay gap is a media myth, but we all knew that already.

The decline of western culture in one photo. Sadness.

Tolerance in action.

A good rule of thumb for healthy eating.

If only I could believe it.

The story of Narcissus.

I feel some schadenfreude.

Hehe. What muppets.

(H/T: the Captain, Danny, M3, GLP, Instapundit)

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