Lightning Round – 2012/10/31

“The One” is inferior to “my one and only”.
The soul mate is a ridiculous myth.

Game is handling women, go and learn.

Vox with reasons to marry.
Related: A marine’s take on marriage.

Marital advice for the unhappy wife.

Shaming men will not work.

What it means to be a man.

The University of Man is gone.
Related: As a Christian, I find this depressingly true.

Not Mentu nukes hamster. Hilarity ensues.
Related: Another hamster cut down in his prime.

On the other hand, Roosh has a new site up.
Some advice to start with.

Some more good advice, except the last; I don’t like coconut.

The benefits of lifting. I really should get started on that.

The manosphere should not be about misogyny.

The age of flakes.
Related: iPhones kill love.

As a government worker, I agree fully.

Western economic woes start from the bottom up.
Related: Economic moral history.

UK central banker: debts won’t be repaid.


Research finds men and women can’t be friends.

IQ matters.

Global warming a sham?
A huge presentation on why it is a sham.

Science article censored because women are upset.

How the government hides the bread line.
Related: An infographic of the modern bread line.

Someone on minimum wage has more disposable income than someone making $60k.

A good observation on race.

An inspiring story from Libya.

Why you should vote.
Why not to vote.
Related: The expansion of voting rights has destroyed other rights.
Related: Strong evidence for why women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

You are probably libertarian.

What men and women think of makeup.
Related: Roissy on makeup.

Misandry is everywhere. I actually had friends who weren’t allowed to watch Berenstein Bears for that reason.

Even gays are getting screwed by feminist family courts.

Asking “do I know you?” now punishable by law.

Crazy nut throws away marriage to be live like hobo and be arrested.

Vox attacks Krugman. (Also, liberals ignorant of where things come).

Socialism is barbaric.

Government investment in action. Efficiency ensues.

The welfare state increases divorce rates. Who could have known?

Some hilarity.

How to answer “How old are you?” I had one older friend who simply refuses to tell people how old he is.

88% of sexted photos end up as porn.

We must upend all of society to fix a non-existent problem.

Women rate 80% of men as below average, but write them anyway.

More on neanderthal/human interbreeding.
Related: Who would win in a fight: humans or neanderthals?
Related: More on the Denisovans.
Related: How humans almost became extinct.

(H/T: Maggie’s Farm, Instapundit, the Captain, God’s of the Copybook Heading)

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