Status Update: Life & Purpose

My blog has been in existence for just over six months now. My first post, was on my reason for blogging, and I was asked about how it’s coming along. So, here’s a post to keep myself on track.

Over this period, I’ve come to accept most of the axioms of the manosphere, although, the praxis of it is still being worked out. In particular, I’m still questioning whether or not to learn game, but am trying to adopt some of the underlying attitudes of it.

I still have not decided what I plan to do with my life, but the two big options I am leaning towards are patriarchy or MGTOW.

Recently, I’ve come to realize that I am okay with going MGTOW; I don’t fear “being alone” like I used to. In some ways, I think I might prefer it, but I do know I’m not going to marry unless it is a very old-fashioned and patriarchal marriage.

High command has let my work unit know that cuts will be occurring, so my job may be in jeopardy over the next year or so, so that might force me to decide. If that happens, I’ll probably slide to a minimalist lifestyle and work on my side businesses rather than bust my ass finding a new one. Going minimalist will likely require, at least temporarily, MGTOW.

On the other hand, I truly would like to get married and fill my quiver. I know the prevalent attitude around these parts is don’t do it, but I think the benefits will outweigh the potential costs if I find the right woman. So, I’m willing to take the risk once and if I perish, I perish. I can than go minimalist MGTOW after that. On this front, there’s a potential, somewhat long-shot wife prospect who’d looks like she might make a good helpmeet, we’ll see how that turns out.

I’ve gotten in much better health. Through eating (mostly) primal, I’ve lost 30 lbs or so, have reduced my gut significantly, and have reduced my belt notches by two. On the other hand, my daily work-out routine disappeared over my vacation and I haven’t restarted it yet. I find I go to bed too late, so I don’t wake up with enough time to do it in the mornings.

I’ve started my affiliate website project, and have created the underlying structure of it. It’s actually up on the net right now and working, but there’s not much for content yet and I still have to market it. The project is ongoing, but I have trouble finding motivation in the evenings after working. I’m setting up a block of time in December to take off work so I can really put myself to work on it.

The affiliation through my blog here, has made me about $20 so far. Not enough to do anything with, but at this rate, I’ll probably get my first check (I need to earn $100 for them to write a check)  by sometime early 2014.

I’ve recently decided I want to eventually homestead. This is a long-term plan (we’re talking over the next decade or two), but  I plan to (eventually) sell my house, buy some affordable property in the country with a large acreage, add a solar power system, get some grazing cows and chickens, start hunting, and become mostly self-sufficient on the food and energy front.  Then use a combination of odd jobs, consulting, and various small business projects for income supplementation. We’ll see how that goes (some day).

So, that there’s the life update. I’ll try to remember to put another one out in about 6 months or so. We’ll see. Cheers.

10 responses to “Status Update: Life & Purpose

  • Tim

    I hadn’t read your first post before. Now that i have, I think that we are in vaguely similar positions. I’ll be interested to hear about the decisions that you decide on. I would imagine that I’ll need to make similar decisions in the near future.

    If I could only read two blogs, then they would be yours and Roosh’s.

    I would recommend that you buy Bang and Day Bang. Those two books have information that we should all have in our heads even if we don’t use it.

    Best of luck,


  • Carnivore

    It’s often difficult, especially as a young man, to discern what His plan is for your life. If you continue to explore options and pray, it will hit you out of the blue one day and will seem obvious. God bless you.

  • Free Northerner

    @Tim: Really? Me and Roissy. That’s a pretty big compliment, thanks.

    I have read and reviewed Bang and Day Bang is currently sitting among a couple dozen other books I plan on reading.

    @ Carnivore: Thanks. I’m hoping direction will come.

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  • sunshinemary

    Patriarch or MGTOW are the two God-honoring choices.

    Ahem, gossipy inquiring minds want to know if the potential young lady’s handle begins with the letter “a”.

  • 3rd Millenium Men

    Thanks for answering, very interesting.

  • El Bastardo

    Whatever yo do; be the man! What I mean is that a man, the wisest of us, follows “his own advice.” You claim to want God’s advice as your own. So follow your own advice; His is impossible to beat. If that leads you to pull a Dan Proeneke in your neck of the woods than so be it; and may God bless your decision.

    A man maintains his “frame” even when he is unsure what is going on and maybe has to wait for more facts. However, if pressed, he will make a decision and suffer the consequences good or bad. It is a difficult, and abstract, concept to adhere to at times. There is no way to totally adhere to it and not mess up; we are human, and not God after all.

    The fact of the matter is, no matter what, maintain your alpha frame. This does not require lording it over anyone, nor taking crap from anyone; nor does it entail being indecisive. It is difficult to ascrtain for each individual what that means because we are so uniquely different.

    To sum it up, when I first started Jiu Jiutzu my first instructor noticed my bad technique and strategy, and after correcting the technique, adjusted my strategy as well. He said that there are possibly hundreds of thousands of moves in the discipline, and each person has their own unique set of skills! There is absolutely no “textbook” way of beating everyone.

    I hope that helps. It helped me.

  • Free Northerner

    @ SSM: Women and their gossip: yes, it might start with a.

    @ Bastardo: Good advice; thanks.

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