Firearms are Freedom

I have recently purchased a number of guns. This was a pain-in-the-ass process due to Canada’s over-bearing gun laws, especially concerning handguns.

There are a number of reasons I put myself through this process, including the usual, such as I want to take up shooting, hunting, self-defence.

Although, not so much for self-defence. I don’t think I would use a gun to defend my home, I would try to use a different method if possible. I own and train with numerous bladed and blunt weapons that I would probably use before the gun. Not because I have any moral problems with shooting an intruder, but simply for legal reasons.

The Canadian legal system is often stupid when it comes to self-defence, such as this recent case where a man defended his home from being firebombed. For his troubles he was arrested, had is guns confiscated, faces jail time, and is still through going through the courts months alter (while the person firebombing his house was not arrested).

I would avoid using my firearms simply to avoid the legal hassles that come with using firearms, especially given that I take martial arts and have numerous other weapons lying around my house. This is not perfect, as the state jealously guards its so-called monopoly over “legitimate” force and will try to punish any who may try to use legitimate force themselves, but firearms just add an extra layer the tyrannical will be able to use against you.

Self-defence aside, these reasons are all good reasons for owning a firearm, but they are not the most important reason, which is freedom.

A man cannot call himself free in any meaningful sense of the word unless he owns a firearm. If you do not own a firearm, you are, as Elusive Wapiti would say, a sheeple.


All power essentially comes down to force.

Political scientists and sociologists will talk about the different types of power, whether power comes from authority, from legitimacy, from material resources, etc., but essentially it all comes down to who holds the guns.

The elected official may have the authority of legitimacy, but if not supported by the arms of the police and military, his authority means little. The wealthy man  may have the power of resources, but if not protected by the arms of police and his own bodyguards, it could be taken from him by armed men at any time. The demagogue may have the power of persuasion, but if his followers do not have arms, they are prey for those who do.

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. – Chairman Mao


Freedom comes from power.

Hippies, pacifists, and other such morally bankrupt idealists may talk about peace and freedom while decrying violence, suggesting that somehow you can have either of the former without being capable of the latter, but are only able to do so because heavily-armed police and military protect their ability to say stupid things from people who aren’t so disconnected from reality.

The simple fact is, if you want to be free to act, you must have the power of taking action. If you want to be free, you must have the power to defend and protect your freedom.

Today, power means guns.

Owning a gun is essentially saying, I am free, and I have the power to protect my freedom.

Anybody who wants to take your guns away from you or prevent you from having guns, hates you and hates your freedom. They want to disempower you and take away your ability to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your freedom.

You cannot call yourself free in any real sense of the word unless you possess a firearm.


Guns are not the only material prerequisite for freedom.

To truly be free, you must be able:

  1. Have the ability to learn, develop, and transmit ideas, for ideas shape the world. Up until about 10 years ago books, free speech, and a free press were the primary instruments of this freedom. Today, the internet is.
  2. Have power to act on those ideas. Power comes from force and for the last few centuries, force comes from guns.
  3. Be mobile to be able to move to where those ideas require. For the last century mobility has come from cars.
  4. Have a place of your own where others are not able to tread without your permission. This has always come from private property ownership.

If you do not have the internet, firearms, a vehicle, and your own property (or have the ability to acquire them which you have temporarily forgone), you are not fully free.

Anybody who tries to limit your ability to acquire or access these hates your freedom and, by extension, hates you.

Owning a firearm is an assertion of your freedom and your power.

There is no single action you can take that shows the elites they don’t fully control you better than to arm yourself.

That is why I bought a firearm collection.

16 responses to “Firearms are Freedom

  • thrasymachus33308

    The power of guns tracks closely with technology. The history of Texas is an interesting example. The first American settlers to cross the Appalachians carried long, single-shot muzzleloading muskets. The frontiersman who could shoot accurately at long distances became a deep part of the American psyche. As these people moved into Texas, however, they were confronted with fast-moving horse-mounted Indians against who these arms were of little use. An early leader of the Texas Rangers heard of the Colt repeating pistol, acquired some and trained his men to shoot quickly and accurately from horseback. The Comanches still harassed and killed white settlers for decades more, but the fight was more even.

    A single shot weapon, particularly a muzzleloader isn’t of much use. It’s large and cumbersome and has an incredibly low rate of fire. Men with lances and swords on horseback could still charge and overrun men with muskets on foot. The repeating firearm, evolving up to the AK-47, democratized violence in a way it never had been before.

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  • Tim

    Can’t argue with that.

    What sort of hunting do you plan on doing? May I recommend ducks or deer?

    In my world deer hunting comes before anything else.

  • Free Northerner

    Probably deer mostly, at least at first. Might try moose or fowl later.

  • Free Northerner

    Exactly. The repeating, personal firearm is the single greatest contributor to the rights and freedoms of the common man.

  • Tim

    Do you know where you’ll be hunting?

  • Free Northerner

    I’m still researching that. I can’t start until next year, as I still have to take the hunter safety course and get some licenses.

  • Tim

    Let me know if you have any deer hunting related questions.

    Deer come first with me.

  • cogitansiuvenis

    From one gun owner and son of freedom to another. Welcome to the club free northerner.

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  • Robert Paulson

    “Owning a gun is essentially saying, I am free, and I have the power to protect my freedom.”

    Unless you’re in Somalia, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, DR Congo, the Afghanis under the Taliban, the Former Yugoslavia, all of which are places with high-level of gun ownership, martial traditions that meet or exceeds of those of Canadians and Americans and yet were/are some of those hellish authoritarian states/entities in modern political history.

    Stockpile your guns. When the RCMP decides to seize them, you’ll surrender them peacefully or you’ll face the combined arms firepower of the Canadian military.

  • Free Northerner

    Guns are a tool. For the free man, they create freedom. For the natural slave, they make a more powerful slave. For the oppressor, they make a more powerful oppressor. In English countries within whom some men still desire freedom and to whom this blog is primarily addressed, guns create freedom.

    If the RCMP are coming to seize our guns, then we’ll be facing the combined firepower of the Canadian military either way, whether we have guns or not.

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