What is to be done?

Aurini writes:

I am a Patriot.  During my life I hope to actually see the True North Strong and Free – not just sing it in the National Anthem.  To find a wife and raise a family, with hope for a future.  Gaming girls in foreign countries is better than marital theft, certainly – and it’s probably a fair bit better than Heroin – but it doesn’t leave much of a Legacy.

Running away will protect us for a time, but the Enemies of Life are implacable; this is a global ideology more infectious than proselytizing Christianity could ever hope to be.  It’ll reach Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia sooner than you think – only by the time it gets there it won’t be called Feminism any more.  Like the common cold, this virus mutates fast.

The MRM fell because it was premised upon weakness.  Any true hope for the future will have to be premised upon Strength.

I agree fully.

But that leaves the questions of what is to be done. How can we destroy the system that is destroying us?

How can we avoid the Bonobo Masturbation Society?


The options we have:

1) The Blue Pill: Play along with the system.

2) MRM: Fight the current legal system for equal rights from within the system.

3) Game/MGTOW: These options are essentially the same: retreat. You withdraw from the system.

4) Patriarchy: This is outwardly similar to the blue pill, with all the attendant risks, but is done intentionally with red pill frame and knowledge,  rather than leaped into blindly.

5) Violence: Overthrow the current system with violent revolution.


The blue pill may work. For you, for now. But you could always wind up on the wrong end of the divorce or economic statistics with one bad week, and it leaves the system intact. This is no fight at all.

MRM may make the legal system more fair, but that’s all it will do. It will make divorce sting less, it will remove affirmative action to allow fair employment competitions, and it may do some other good things, but it is still based on progressive ideas of equality, fairness, human rights, social justice, and all that jazz and is still corrupt. In the long run it merely preserves the corrupt system, but blunts its edges, reducing consciousness, fixing the system further in place.

Game/MGTOW may work. For you, for now. But it is retreat; it is conceding that the system wins and hoping that if you either avoid or succeed at playing by the new rules of the system it might not eat you. You might avoid family court, unemployment, or unhappy marriage,  but you are still a Bonobo happily masturbating away, enjoying yourself to avoid thinking if there isn’t something more fulfilling out there.

Violence won’t work. Right now the system is not corrupt enough to get enough people fired up for violence. In addition, the anti-progressive movement is small and is like herding bulls. There would be no way to win. Starting violence would turn the decline into a collapse and most revolutions end up eating their own children. Small scale violence accomplishes nothing except making the violent person’s ideology look bad. Violence should be avoided.

That leave patriarchy as the only hope.


So how does patriarchy help us win?

We must realize that any fight against the current progressivist system will take time, possibly generations. The war against progressivism is a war of ideology and ideas; changing the dominant paradigm is (usually) a slow process. It took progressivism and feminism over a century to bring our country to this point. It will take just as long to bring it back.

So, that leaves us with two things we must do: push our ideas and develop our ideology and breed the next generation.

First, we need to develop our ideas and put them out there; we must push the overton window. We have to put red pill knowledge out there, make it acceptable, and bring people to the cause. This is already being done; you can occasionally see red pill knowledge creep into the MSM. The manosphere is great for this.

More importantly to pushing our ideas, we have to live lives that are enviable. Ideas are great, but unless people see what’s in it for them, ideas alone will not suffice. We have to demonstrate what we are arguing for.

Live a red pill life that others are envious off and want to emulate. Praxis.

Second, breeding. The future of our society is determined by the next generation, so we need to create the next generation. On one hand, we have an advantage because progressivists are breeding themselves out of existence. On the other hand, if we all go MTGOW or PUA, then we aren’t breeding either.

So, marry a good women, have lots of kids, and raise them traditionally. Your life will be better, your life will be full and meaningful, and you’ll have a legacy you can be proud of.

Make sure to avoid a few pitfalls. Refuse to marry those who aren’t worthy of bearing your children (no rings for sluts). Be wary of the public school system; make sure to raise your kids right. Live as an example you want your kids to emulate.

Creating the next generation and developing our ideas is how an ideological war is won. So, do it.


That’s not to say game and MGTOW don’t help some. Both spread red pill ideas. In addition, PUA’s make promiscuity rougher and less fair, thus making promiscuity, already unattractive, less attractive for females. Both reduce the amount of marriageable men who will “man up”, leaving women asking “where did all the men go”, showing the corruption of the “sacred path for marriage”.

While they’re still acting the part of bonobos, they do have some positive impact in the ideological war.

22 responses to “What is to be done?

  • Koanic

    Decline is irreversible without addressing the factors that underlie the cycle of history. Patriarchy is the best way to preserve a remnant; it cannot reverse decline. Conscious attempts to revive patriarchy and religion are merely part of decline.

    Only factors that directly impact human nature have a chance of altering history’s cycle. Mass consciousness of Neanderthal neo-racism, HBD and Game all tend to alter the expression of fundamental aspects of human nature.

  • Tim

    That’s probably the best advice for young men that I have read.

    If you raise your kids well, then they will want to emulate you.

  • uh

    Asian booty approves of this post.

  • Free Northerner

    Patriarchy is the earliest form of game. HBD might be necessary to change some of the wrongs in society, but is not enough to fight the collapse. The family is the only institution that can fight the state.

  • Koanic

    Name one example where family values have reversed societal collapse?

  • Free Northerner

    Not family values. A wholesale return to the patriarchal model of society.

    But I can’t think of one. On the other hand, I can not think of a time when a wholesale societal collapse was actual reversed.

  • Koanic

    Yes, exactly. The fight is to preserve a remnant, NOT reverse the decline. Better not to burnout the remnant on hopeless rearguards.

    Patriarchy can’t prevent declines, but a society built on HBD, Game and Neanderthal racial truths would have great inherent resistance to the factors that normally cause collapse. http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v453/n7194/full/453562a.html

    Compare that to the American experiment’s fundamental falsehood that all men are created equal.

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  • Gruesome

    1. Contain your SEED in your LOINS until you find a WOMAN who truly deserves to receive it.
    2. Contain your PLANS in your MIND until you can ACT on them.
    3. Contain your FEELINGS in your HEART until you are CALM.
    4. Contain your STRENGTH in your LIMBS until you are called to a worthy CHALLENGE.
    5. Contain your FEARS in your SOUL until your COURAGE overcomes them.
    6. Contain your MONEY in your PURSE until you can buy something truly VALUABLE.
    7. Contain your HUNGER in your STOMACH until you have cooked a manly FEAST.
    8. Contain your WORDS in your MOUTH until everyone else has SPOKEN.
    9. Contain your ANGER in your BELLY until you find your true ENEMY.
    10. Contain your PLEASURE in your BODY until you are ALONE.

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  • Wilhem von Überlieferung

    Perhaps you are already familiar with him, but the late 20th century traditionalist philosopher and intellectual Julius Evola came to the same conclusions. Furthermore, he did so in the general case of the traditional and natural hierarchical order of things versus the modern trend of collectivism, liberalism and egalitarianism.

    His ideas for preserving the traditional spirit amidst a world heading into the abyss are to be found in his book “Ride the Tiger: A Survival Manual for the Aristocrats of the Soul,” which follows his other two books on the same underlying theme, “Revolt Against the Modern World” and “Men Among the Ruins.”

    Excellent books for everyone seeking a higher path out of this mess. You should be able to find translations of the books freely available online.

  • Free Northerner

    Sounds interesting. I’ve found the book on the internet and have added it to my reading list. Thanks for the recommendation.

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  • Carl

    “The family is the only institution that can fight the state.”

    I agree completely, which is exactly why I can’t take Aurini or anything he says seriously. He destroyed a white family and convinced supposed female-MRA Anne Skuza (who blogged under the pseudonym Alpha Unit) to abandon her children and move to Canada with him. It is precisely because of degenerates like Aurini that the MRM and pro-family movements are falling apart from the inside. I hope you reconsider your views of this scum.


  • Free Northerner

    If the allegations are true, I am disappointed in Aurini and his behaviour is condemnable.

    That being said, I do not like entering into internet drama, especially that which does not concern me.

    As well, according to my about page:
    “This site links to many pages in the blog roll, Lightning Rounds, and general posts. A link does not necessarily imply the author endorses the views of linked content and/or authors.”

    I link to many people who do and/or advocate things I think to be immoral. The ideas and the messenger are not the same.

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  • electricangel


    I think Patriarchy can only work in concert with religion, at least in the USA. The biggest spur to divorce, besides not being “haaapy” is the “cash and prizes” that divorce can bring. Venerating single motherhood is an attempt to give social status to women who society ought to rightly look down upon.

    The most fecund Christian group is the Amish. They do not do it with violence, but shunning. A woman who is shunned faces social rejection. I do not know if the Amish are communists as far as owning property, or if a shunned woman can extract half the farm and horses (although it doesn’t hurt that she’s pretty much useless as anything but a farm wife, what with the lack of computers, electricity, and MS Office, and isn’t strong enough to hitch the horses and plow her field: plowing [sorry for the crude pun] is man’s work.), but that ought to be readily adaptable.

    Our first amendment says that Congress may not interfere with religion, one reason some wineries stayed in business during Prohibition. If the Church owned all property, and lodged its members as a social function, then a person who was excommunicated (shunned) would lose access to housing. If no one earned a salary, but lived off the common pool, then there is no income to be assigned in child support. Those two things (along with strict chastity on entry to marriage, which would be at a young age) would turn back almost every frivorce. As a side benefit, land owned by the Church does not pay property tax.

    Would something like this work in Canada, or does the State there forbid certain religious practices?

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