Happy Dominon Day – Call for Guest Posts

Happy Dominion Day to all you Canadians out there.

I know the day’s almost over, but I was busy. Hey, I’m doing this for free, what do you expect?

Most call it Canada Day, but it was originally Dominion Day, and our ties to the British Empire and the Anglosphere should be emphasized, so we celebrate Dominion Day here.

Just checked Patriactionary while writing this and it seem they too are celebrating Dominion Day. I was gonna post Maple Leaf Forever, but they beat me to it, so go listen to it over there.

Just 10 million people more and we may undo the damage Trudeau did.


For all you Yanks, I’ll give you an early happy July , because I’m not going to remember it on the actual day.

Although, y’all shouldn’t be celebrating, you should be working to undo the mistake you made and rejoin the British commonwealth.


In blog news, at the end of this week, I’m going on vacation for a few weeks. I’ve got some blog posts planned to be posted by schedule while I’m away, but more content would be great, so if any of my readers want something read by my mind-blowingly huge audience* send it to my e-mail: Freenortherner (at) hotmail.com. Just make sure it somehow fits the theme of the blog and isn’t something the blog would find objectionable.  I’ll schedule it in and include a link back to your site or blog with the post when it’s posted.

* Audience size may have been grossly exaggerated to increase audience participation.

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