Discussion on Game

I posted a review of Bang yesterday and this prompted me to think on if I will apply game in my own life.

I’m still on the fence about game. I’m a Christian, so casual sex is not something I plan to pursue, this seems to take away the most immediate reason to learn game.

Right now I plan on being a patriarch, not a player, so I am looking for a wife, and do not want to ruin that prospect with the player’s curse.

On the other hand, I do want to be an alpha male patriarch, not a whipped beta schlub. So, MMSL-style marriage game is something I want to pursue when I get married to keep my marriage happy and my wife attracted to me.

But for the mean-time prior to marriage I’m not sure.

Mentu’s advice on Christian game creates a really convincing argument for Christian men to learn game.

On the other hand, I do not want game to be necessary to attract my future wife though.

So, the conclusion I’ve come to for now it to slowly learn the basics of game over time, in particular confident movement and posture, outcome independence, and social/conversational skills. The kind of basic, underlying attitudes that will enhance my life apart from picking up girls, and will not require me to continually monitor myself and my techniques to keep my wife I gamed from leaving me.

I also plan to get myself into shape.

Apart from that, I won’t meet a girl to be my wife if I don’t get over my approach anxiety, so I plan to practice approaching women, not really gaming them, but simply to get over the anxiety.

Next month I’m going out of the country for a few weeks with family. I plan to practice some approaches to get over the anxiety then, when I have opportunities, as there will be less, but still some, social risk to (awkwardly) approaching women from another country who I’ll never see again. We’ll see how that goes.

The goal is to have the base attitudes of game by 30. Then depending on what I choose for my life, I can add on to the base as necessary.

12 responses to “Discussion on Game

  • Badger

    Thanks for the link. This is a pretty good linkfest for the aspiring game-aware man. Now do some approaches!

  • Joe

    Game isn’t based on social technique or cynically taking advantage of women (though you can use it for both), it’s based on evolutionary biology or if you prefer just current understandings of biology and physical / psychological interactions between the sexes. It’s understanding that what she says isn’t what she means and what she says she wants in a relationship isn’t what she wants, and that she probably doesn’t even know what she wants anyhow; it’s your job to be what she wants, and let her figure that out. Otherwise she does all the picking, and you enter into a marriage in a subservient role – something we are told not to be as men. The goal is to act in a way – to actually be the way – you have to, to get her very interested in you and to keep her interested in you, and to keep yourself in a position of leadership in the relationship. A good marriage that you lead well will make you happy; it will free you to pursue other things – good works, building a nice life for your family. A bad marriage to a woman you come to find unattractive and who is not attracted to you will make your life a lot tougher and will throw crises at you that you would probably rather not have to confront. It is a mistake, I think, to separate the physical part of yourself from the spiritual part. More attractive women are… more attractive and easier to look at; and women find it easier to stay with men and to be good wives to men that they are more attracted to. A deeper love builds over time, but at the outset of the marriage that attraction needs to be there to provide the spark that builds a much longer lasting fire. The physical part will not last, but the physical world is the one we have to negotiate now, and negotiating it in the smartest way possible is a good thing. Find a hotty of reasonably good character, gently lead her to Christ if need be, and make her the queen of your little tribe.

    Read the parable of the talents, and think about how that relates to dating smart and marrying well, and also read St. Paul – in the older, true-er translations of the New Testament – on the role of man and woman in marriage. Game can be used to operationalize St. Paul’s guidance. Good luck.

  • Free Northerner

    Thanks for the advice; it’s good stuff. I will take it to heart.

  • JJ

    I see where you are coming from. However, game is really not game. It is learning how to sell yourself to a member fo the opposite sex.

    It is like a tool, if you will. I could use a hammer to build you an amazing dreeam home, or I could crush your skull with it! Either way, I “chose” what I would do with it.

    Just like game, or the “venusian art” as it is technically known. You can use it to screen worthless women until you find one who is worth it, and eventually the one; or you can screw with as many women’s minds as possible, while you risk disease, “unintended” pregnancies, and what not.

    It is really base on the motivation of the person. If someone starts ut wanting to be as promiscuous as possible, that is what they will succeed or fail at. If they want “the one,” that is what they will succeed or fail at.

    It is all about choices! You choose what you are. You don’t have “problems” but power, the power to “choose.” Anyone tell syou different, they are either selling you something, or screwing you, in the wrong ways!


  • Free Northerner

    Almost lost this in the spam folder.

    I’m still getting used to thinking of it as a morally neutral tool. I spent too much time reading Roissy before I stumbled on Dalrock and Athol.

  • JJ

    sometimes reading something opposite of your opinion is a good thing, in that you learn where they are coming from. Hearing them speak, and then writing them off means you miss something. Unless of course the material is soo obviously wrong as to make your mind twist and do summersalts. A lot of those guys like roissy, roosh, and others are of their opinion, and it is largely “if I can’t get married without getting screwed over; and since I don’t want kids, screw like rabbits, and not care about anything.

    When you think about it, it is their fear which makes them do things. Cheers.

    No worries, I almost lost a few as spam myself. LOL

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  • Boy Toy

    IMO, game does more harm than good. It makes simple things unnecessarily complicated.
    Improve your looks, improve your style, improve your social skills, hit on girls, fuck the ones that are interested. Escalate like a man and be persistent. No need for extensive DHV routines and micro calibration haha 😀

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