The Bookshelf: The Spartan Entrepreneur’s Guide to Making $100 per Day Online

This is a review of The Spartan Entrepreneur’s Guide to Making $100 per Day Online by Victor Pride.

The guide is short (27 pages) and written in the same straightforward, matter-of-fact matter as the author’s blog. It communicates the plan it lays ou t simply and without wasted effort. Other than that, there’s not much to say on the writing style: it’s functional, but you aren’t reading it for entertainment, you’re reading it for the plan, so functional is good.

So onto the guide itself: it is exactly what it is advertised as, a step-by-step plan to making a livable (you won’t get rich off this plan) income through affiliate marketing without SEO manipulation. The entire plan is laid out in easy-to-follow steps that show you exactly what you need to do. The plan is realistic and simple to follow. Although, simply does not necessarily mean easy, this will take a couple hours of work each day.

I haven’t started the plan, but I’m pretty sure if you followed it and put the effort in,  you would make a decent income off this. Even if your first attempt doesn’t net as much as you want, it would be fairly simple to simply do the plan again for more income.

So, why haven’t I started the plan if I’m sure it would make money?

Simple, I’m uncomfortable with the plan. While I’m fairly sure the plan would work, I don’t really care for the method as is; it isn’t productive. It would make money, but following the plan you wouldn’t create anything of value to anybody. It’s above spam, but only by a bit.

As the guide itself says:

Remember: This is not a method to save the world, it’s a method to make you some money.

This just kind of rubs me wrong way: I don’t like feeling unproductive. If I go into business for myself, I want to be somewhat productive and create something of value. My largest complaint about my current employment is the lack of feeling productive, and simply switching to something else that leaves me feeling unproductive, would not be much of a gain.

On the other hand, after thinking about it, I figured out a way to do something moderately similar that will produce something of value. It will require more work on my part and will be slower to get off the ground, but I’ll feel like I’m adding value, so I don’t mind. So, as a start-off point with some thinking and rejigging, this problem can be overcome and the guide can be used as a base to work from.


This guide does exactly what it says it does. If you want to make $100/day (or so) from affiliate marketing within a month or two, this will likely get you there. If this is all you want and you’re willing to put in some work, buy the guide.

I don’t like that the plan doesn’t create anything of value, so if you want to feel productive or suffer from the Protestant Work Ethic, the guide might not be for you. You may want to buy it anyway, as it can provide an intro to affiliate marketing without SEO or be used as a base for something more productive, but it may rub you the wrong way.

If you are not willing to put in the work necessary or are incapable of self-motivation, this guide will be a waste of money.

11 responses to “The Bookshelf: The Spartan Entrepreneur’s Guide to Making $100 per Day Online

  • Victor Pride

    Appreciate the honest review.

  • Free Northerner

    No problem.

    Also, something interesting; the most common google search leading to my site is actually 30 Day of Discipline.

  • Mohawk

    By now, the guide is not available anymore… are the methods outdated now?

    Hey, I don’t understand why you would not follow the instructions just because the whole thing is “unproductive” and boring.

    If there was a surefire way to make $3k a month from a few hours of work at home every day I’d be all over that method, no matter if it was boring or not.

  • Free Northerner

    He took the guide down a while ago, I have no idea why. You might want to contact him.

    It was not because it was boring, but because it was unproductive. If I wanted to do unproductive work, I already work for the government at more than $100/day. I’m also (slowly) making another similar project that I think is more productive.

  • Mohawk

    Thanks for the info. Good luck with your new project.

  • stevenponec

    Do you have the ebook file? It’s no longer for sale and I can’t find it on the internet.

  • steve

    @stevenponec – it’s back up for sale

  • Yisus Gómez

    hey i live in mexico. At this point $100 dollars or a little bit less per day is good enough for me. I would be scratching my balls all day long at the beach with that. I think this is a guide for the majority of people that are broke not for a guy who is living by other peoples money.

  • Free Northerner

    It would definitely be a great guide for someone broke and needing to make some scratch.

  • Anonymous

    Hi and thank you for the review.
    Where can i find the book?

  • Free Northerner

    Hi Anon: Occasionally Victor will put put for sale for a week or so.

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