Lightning Round – 2012/05/08

A good question to ask yourself.

Something else to keep in mind: nobody cares.

Since when did Frost start writing for the New York Times?

Be good, not nice. Good advice for the Christian man. A bit more on the same topic.

In Soviet America… (insert Yakov Smirnoff joke)

The internet needs the UN like a kulak needs stalinism.

Wonder how feminists will respond to this?

Maybe stagnant wages are caused by Americans nearing maximum productivity.

How to buy happiness.

Nothing we didn’t already know about environmentalism.

We can hope, but Hayekianism does not benefit the state, so I doubt it.

How to retire at 27 (and screw over the next generation).

You mean fighting climate change and overpopulation may hurt people?

Why our generation is screwed.

How true. One of the things I like most about Harper is how much all the wrong people hate him.

(h/t Instapundit, SDA)

4 responses to “Lightning Round – 2012/05/08

  • Will S.

    Re: Harper: Fine, the loonie left hates him. But that doesn’t make him good; he’s given social conservatives who vote for him NOTHING whatsoever, on social issues.

    The real question is, why are so-cons so stupid to keep voting for someone who just uses them to get elected, without giving them anything in return (on the matters they care most about)?

    So-con voters who vote Tory are worse than political whores – they’re political sluts, giving it away for free…

  • Loonie Left Harper’s Best Friend | Happolati's Miscellany

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  • Free Northerner

    My guess: Harper may be bad, but the alternatives are worse. He may not give the so-cons anything, but at least he doesn’t actively try to destroy what they care about. In red tory Canada, that’s probably the best they’re gonna get.

  • Will S.

    Agreed; I certainly like Harper and the Tories better than the alternatives, but that isn’t saying much.

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