Lightning Round – 2012/04/12

Today, I introduce the lightning round, in which I link to and briefly comment on some recent articles that caught my eye.

First, I didn’t know you could have a major economic crash when your youth unemployment rate hovers around 50% (and your total rate was about 25%). You’d think it had crashed already; how much worse could it possibly get? Second, it’s good to know even European conservatives can be counted on to do the stupid thing. Why would anybody listen to economists about the economic effects of high tax rates? What would they know?

Here comes big brother. (via Instapundit)

Remember, fiscal sanity is an attack on women. We must protect women from economic reality at all costs.

Ahhh… Keynesianism. The liberals all cry about the materialistic, consumerist culture, but then base their entire economic world view around never-ending consumerism.  I will probably write a post on demand-side economics in the future.

Feminists fought so that women could follow their primal desires no matter the cost to tradition, civilization, religion, or family. Now they’re unhappy that women are following their primal desires.

Remember, be sure to show the boomers how much you appreciate everything they did for you when they’re all retired and living in nursing homes.

Not sure if I should feel pity or Schadenfreude. It seems like a problem that will eventually fix itself, though. When there’s enough unemployed lawyers, some of them will eventually sue some people until things change.

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